Lippy Londoners: Are backyard chickens a good idea?

Home grown eggs and chickens. London Morning's Lippy Londoners: Jeff Preston, Kathy Navackas and Jordan Detmers debate the pros and cons of urban chicken farming.

Our weekly panel debates whether urban backyard chicken farms are a good idea

Backyard chicken farms have been debated for a decade in London.

Is urban chicken farming OK inside city limits?

Are chicken coops too annoying for neighbours?

Should residents be allowed to farm chickens if there is a licence fee? 

The Lippy Londoners panel debated these questions Wednesday on London Morning.

Around the table:

  • Kathy Navackas - Executive Producer of the London Fringe Festival.
  • Jordan Detmers - an IT professional who has a Masters from Western in Environmental Sustainability.
  • Jeff Preston - an advocate for people with disabilities and assistant professor at King's University College.

You can listen to the debate here.

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