Toronto police investigate reports 2 officers charged at Aylmer church for allegedly defying COVID-19 rules

Toronto police are investigating reports two of its officers were among four people charged at a church gathering in Alymer, Ont., on Tuesday evening for allegedly defying the province's pandemic health rules.

Man, 42, and woman, 41, from suburban Toronto among 4 who received $880 tickets from Aylmer police

Toronto police are investigating this social media video

2 years ago
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Investigators are looking over this video circulating on social media to see if two Toronto Police officers were among the four people charged for allegedly violating pandemic health restrictions at an Aylmer, Ont., church.

The Toronto Police Service is investigating reports two of its off-duty officers were among people charged at a gathering at an Aylmer, Ont., church known for its rebellious stance against Ontario's pandemic health rules. 

Connie Osborne, a spokesperson for Toronto police, said in an email Friday to CBC News that TPS is aware of a social media video that's been circulating and the information has been passed on to the law enforcement agency's Professional Standards Investigation Unit. 

The video was published Thursday on social media channels belonging to Independent MPP Randy Hillier, who has taken defiant stances on the government's public health measures.

"Watch this video of Police Officers being charged for exercising their Charter rights," says Hillier. "You won't hear this in the news, but two officers attending a meeting in the Aylmer Church of God and practicing their right to assembly have been charged under the Reopening Ontario Act," he said on Facebook. 

Complaints focused on large gathering

The two off-duty officers were reportedly among four people charged by the Aylmer Police Service on Tuesday night at the Church of God in connection with complaints about a large gathering at the house of worship. 

Each of the following individuals was given an $880 ticket under the provincial act:

  • A man, 42, from the Toronto suburb of North York.
  • A woman, 41, from the Toronto suburb of Scarborough.
  • Two men, 34 and 20, from Aylmer.

CBC News has tried to confirm the identities of the two individuals from the Greater Toronto Area, but the Aylmer and Toronto police services, and Ontario's Ministry of the Attorney General were unable to verify the information.