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Colin Butler is a veteran CBC reporter who's worked in Moncton, Saint John, Fredericton, Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo, Hamilton and London, Ont. Email:

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As cities panic over a gypsy moth invasion, Ontario's Pinery park tells visitors to 'roll with it'

Many Canadian communities panic over gypsy moth invasions that have left suburban trees wrapped in duct tape and burlap. Ontario's Pinery Provincial Park aims to educate visitors about the pests, including how to best tolerate them and what they leave behind.

'Very frightening' plan by developer to buy $1B in homes will price renters out: anti-poverty group

An anti-poverty group is calling a Toronto-based developer's plan to buy $1 billion worth of single-family homes and turn them into rental properties a "frightening" example of how even more people will be priced out of an increasingly expensive housing market.

Leaky city plumbing raises Ontario water bills by up to a third on average, new study shows

Aging, leaky and crumbling pipes cost the average household in Ontario up to a third more on its monthly water utility bills, according to a new report on the state of the province's water infrastructure.

Hate crimes are rising in London, Ont., and have been for years

After a deadly hit-and-run attack against a Muslim family who police say were targeted because of their faith, some are calling for new urgency in the effort to stop the rising tide of hate crimes in the city.

What adolescents are saying about getting vaccinated

Dozens of adolescents from around the region are taking advantage of getting their COVID-19 vaccine since the Ontario government signalled it was okay to let kids 12 to 17 receive their first dose.

Ontario loses 175 acres of farmland to urban development a day, says farmers group

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture says between 1996 and 2016, Ontario lost prime farmland to urban development at a rate of 175 acres (over 70 hectares) per day, something the organization is calling unsustainable.

'We really don't have a choice': Mayor to ratepayers angry over water bills in Central Elgin

Hundreds of residents in the municipality of Central Elgin are angry over rising water bills, and local officials say tight Ontario rules on drinking water mean they'll be paying high rates for years to come.

Citizen's group calls for exotic animal laws in Ontario amid lion breeding controversy

A citizen's group in Maynooth, Ont., is asking the provincial government for exotic animal legislation after a controversial roadside zoo began breeding lions in the community.

Meet the London, Ont., grandmother who volunteers to tackle the city's dirtiest job

A London, Ont., grandmother says she's taken it upon herself to clean up after intravenous drug users in the city's Hamilton Road East area because, she says, no-one else will. 

Dozens of private international flights landed in London, Ont., away from quarantine hotels

Dozens of private international flights landed at London International Airport in the last three months rather than one of the four designated airports where federal health authorities have established quarantine hotels to stop the spread of coronavirus variants from overseas.