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Colin Butler covers the environment, real estate, justice and urban affairs for CBC News in London, Ont. He is a veteran journalist with 20 years' experience in print, radio and television in seven Canadian cities. You can email him at

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Rural Ontario needs to learn cultural acceptance to stave off its own decline, study suggests

A new study from Western University suggests discrimination against immigrants and Indigenous people is more acute in Ontario's small towns and rural communities than it is in medium-sized cities.

In London's fight for urban space, cars are about to lose some of their footing

London city hall has proposed drastically lowering the minimum number of automobile parking spaces required for all new developments, while at the same time raising requirements for bicycle parking, in the first major overhaul of city parking policy in three decades. 

Tiny, rare fish and mollusks halt $23-million city bridge project

The presence of rare species of fish and mollusks living in the Thames River near the heart of the city has temporarily halted a $23 million bridge project.

Demands to rename Paul Haggis Park gain momentum with new sex assault allegations in Italy

Demands to rename Paul Haggis Park gained momentum after news of the London-born, Oscar-winning director's arrest on allegations of aggravated sexual assault in Italy.

A wave of buyer's remorse is washing over London's cooling real estate market

As home prices fall, some buyers are considering whether to back out of the deal they made when the market peaked. Experts say the cost and risk of backing out may outweigh the perceived loss of value.
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Canada's nuclear waste agency says it was scammed out of $300K meant for First Nation in Ontario

Canada's nuclear waste agency says someone posing as an Indigenous chief convinced agency officials to put nearly $300,000 into a private bank account, money that was meant for a community development on a First Nation in Ontario.

London, Ont.'s frenetic housing market appears to be cooling off

With skyrocketing prices and few homes for sale, the real estate market in London, Ont., has been hot for years. Now, real estate agents say they're starting to see things cool off, as is being experienced in other parts of the country.

An oasis rich in 'joy' with a few complaints: why it takes guts to grow a naturalized lawn

Her house is barely visible behind the thicket of greenery - yet Cory Morningstar's property is a local landmark. Even though hundreds stop by each week to marvel at her gardens, the London homeowner says she gets complaints because it's not a traditional lawn.

Via Rail axed its London-to-Toronto train during the pandemic. There's a push to get it back

A London, Ont., woman who regularly commutes to Toronto wants Via Rail to restore its once bustling passenger route that took commuters from London to their big-city offices before 9 a.m.

London wants to 'reimagine' public housing — by tearing some down to build anew

London-Middlesex Community Housing says it wants to 'reimagine' a south-end public housing complex by tearing down some of its existing units and adding new ones that would include more community-oriented amenties.