Allison Devereaux

Allison Devereaux is radio producer and host in London, Ont. She's been with CBC News for a decade, reporting from Whitehorse, Yellowknife, Winnipeg and Halifax.

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50 years of friendship for this Big Brothers match

Jim Clendenning and Omer "Jerry" Foisy met in March 1971, through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Oxford County. Their match evolved into a friendship lasting half a century.

COVID-19 protocol can't stop these carollers from spreading cheer

"They call me Mr. Santa," said Travis Teed, who sang with his wife Kim Teed at Goderich Municipal Childcare Centre on Friday.

Letter delivered to Goderich, Ont., newsroom, 86 years late

The mysterious letter arrived at the Goderich Signal Star newsroom with a three-cent stamp on the envelope and a sticky note attached, reading "Sorry for late postal delivery."

Grand Bend lifeguard raising concerns about water safety after Labour Day

Most of this summer's rescues were swimmers attempting to save others. A long-time lifeguard at Grand Bend beach is worried about what will happen when patrols end after Labour Day.

You won't believe how much roadside garbage this Huron County runner has picked up

Pete Meades of Bayfield is running each, individual road in Huron County while pushing a chariot stroller he fills with garbage.

Livestock truckers express safety concerns outside Ontario meat processing plants

As the province prepares for public comment on its new food safety law, anti-meat activists and some in Ontario's farming industry agree that tensions are at an all-time high when the two sides meet at protests outside slaughterhouses. 

From Spanish Flu to COVID-19: How century-old businesses are coping with change

They've survived the Spanish Flu, the Great Depression, both world wars and the Great Recession. After staying in business for more than a century, these shops are facing a whole new set of challenges in the wake of COVID-19.

Huron Perth seeking accommodations for healthcare workers

Huron Perth Health Care Alliance is asking people with secondary accommodations to offer them to healthcare workers, in case the COVID-19 crisis worsens. More than 50 people and businesses have already answered the call, offering trailers, vacant apartments and bed and breakfasts.

'A time of anxiety for everyone': Calls to London crisis line jump by 50 per cent

The London-area Canadian Mental Health Association is receiving a record number of calls from people feeling the stress of COVID-19. The crisis line saw at 50 percent increase in calls in the last three weeks.

Teeswater, Ont. man donates blood 250 times, plans holidays around it

In the last 50 years, a senior from Teeswater, Ont. has given blood 255 times. Since the age of 17, he's kept his schedule of five to six donations a year, even planning vacations around it.