Little hope for survivors in plane crash

The search continues over Reindeer Island in Lake Winnipeg for a single engine plane that went down Thursday morning.

Three people were on board the plane A Poplar River woman and her teenage daughter and the pilot, 66-year-old Milton Menzies, a retired Air Canada pilot who was doing missionary work in the Fairford area. They were all going from Poplar River to the Fairford First Nation.

Patrick Anderson is a band councillor with the Fairford First Nation where Menzies was a member for more than 20 years. He says Menzies was an important member of the community but his work also extended to other remote First Nations.

"In Shamattawa, they're apparently building a church there and Milton, he flew up there last summer and he flew up there just two or three weeks ago to finish up some rough work there," said Anderson.

Anderson says the community is taking Menzies' death very hard and many still hold out the hope that he, Mary Bella Sinclair and her 19-year-old daughter Katy Lynn Mitchell of Poplar River will be found.

A spokesperson for Search and Rescue says at this point they're open to continuing their search if nothing is found on Friday. But no decisions have been made.

Officials will meet with the families of the victims tonight to decide exactly what to do. Searchers say there isn't much hope of finding any survivors.