Legends of Magdalen unlocks secrets of shipwrecks in Magdalen Islands

Filmmakers chart historical impact of over 300 shipwrecks on Madelinot culture

Feature documentary explores Madelinot heritage

Legends of Magdalen (Parafilms)

In this breathtaking documentary, three generations of one Madelinot family has pieced together evidence of hundreds of sunken ship disasters against the shores of the hook-shaped archipelago.

Guided by Leonard Clark's hand-drawn maps of over 300 19th-century shipwrecks around the Magdalen Islands, diver Mario Cyr explores these depths, questioning the notion of treasure as he seeks the lost artifacts of his forebears.

Director Sharif Mirshak takes stock of the archipelago's many charming — and often haunting —legends in this reflection of Maritime Quebec, its Mi’k Maq heritage and the cultural shifts these remote islands have experienced over 200 years.