Klein hot over Greenpeace stunt

Alberta's Ralph Klein didn't like a Greenpeace stunt involving putting solar panels on the roof of his Calgary house.

All Greenpeace wanted to do was bring a little sun into Ralph Klein's life, but the Alberta premier was not amused.

The environmental group, which often resorts to attention-grabbing stunts, climbed onto the roof of Klein's house Thursday with a couple of solar panels.

The non-polluting energy source was supposed to show the premier the way to the future and help change his resistance to the Kyoto accord, aimed at cutting greenhouse gases.

Klein wasn't at home to receive the gift, which a Greenpeace spokesman said would quickly pay for itself.

But later, the premier generated some of his own heat. "It's an invasion of privacy," he said. And "I don't think it did the Greenpeace cause any good."

Still, there's no point in charging them with trespassing, he said. That would just give them another day in court.

Federal Environment Minister David Anderson was in Calgary talking about Kyoto at the time. "I am totally against such stunts. This is a serious issue that requires serious intellectual analysis."

Anderson said Canada needs to cut back on greenhouse gases, but would not commit to a date for signing the accord.

Klein and the oil industry fear the accord could devastate the province and the industry, but Anderson promised greenhouse gases will be reduced without undue harm to the industry.