Commons Studios to rent out top-of-the-line filming equipment

The Working Centre's Commons Studio now provides more state-of-the-art film rental equipment because a local partnership with Lighthouse Equipment Inc.

Waterloo region has a growing interest in film industry, says Commons Studio coordinator

The Commons Studio provides state of the art studio space, editing suites, and film equipment rental for local film makers. (Raj Saini/ Twitter)

Filmmakers in Waterloo region will now be able to rent out industry-standard film equipment like lighting and grip gear because of a partnership btween The Working Centre's Commons Studio and Lighthouse Equipment Inc. in Kitchener.

The Commons Studio has been providing residents with studio space, editing suites and film rental equipment for some time. But now there's more of it and they are of a high enough calibre to be used in professional filming sets.

"The equipment Lighthouse has available is equal to that used by large motion pictures" said Tom Smith, one of the founders of Lighthouse Equipment.

People can also rent studio space from Commons Studio, said Nathan Stretch, coordinator at Commons Studio. There are also workshops, pre and post-production support and co-op students can get hands-on learning experience there.

"We are looking for people to be able to increase their their agency. To feel like, yes I can make a film, I can light it, I can shoot it and take my vision from an idea all the way through production to a finished project," Stretch said.

MP for Kitchener Centre, Raj Saini, being filmed at the Commons Studio in Kitchener. (Raj Saini/ Twitter)

Increasing interest in film industry

The Commons Studio has experienced steady growth over the years since it was a one-man operation at The Working Centre, said Stretch.

The new location on 256 King St. E., located in the same building as Lighthouse Equipment, is more spacious and has dedicated space for a green room, a studio, editing space and longer opening hours.

Stretch added that the partnership speaks to the growing interest in the film industry in Waterloo region.

"We're not expanding necessarily because this would be fun or that it's a good idea," said Stretch. "We are expanding in response to community need and interest." 

The Commons Studio will have an open house on Feb. 10 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. for the public to tour the new facility and meet industry professionals.