Winter storm causing hazardous roads throughout region

Police are warning drivers to be cautious on the roads Sunday as freezing rain warning continues for Waterloo region.

Police warn drivers to keep their distance

OPP are warning motorists to use caution on the roads Sunday. (CBC)

Provincial police are warning about dangerous road conditions caused by a winter storm across large parts of Southern Ontario. 

Police say there have been at least three dozen accidents in the province Sunday. 

They're reminding motorists to drive slowly and give themselves enough distance.

Waterloo Regional Police Service are reporting one accident in Kitchener this morning. 

There were no accidents reported this morning in Guelph, according to Guelph Police Service.

Environment Canada's freezing rain warning continues all day Sunday and into the evening for Waterloo region.

The agency said the freezing rain and drizzle could change into snow flurries by afternoon.