Who rides GO Trains between Kitchener and Toronto?

As pressure ramps up on the province to establish two-way, full-day GO service between Kitchener and Toronto, we decided to ride the train to hear what commuters would like to see change.
Currently, there are just two GO trains departing each morning from Kitchener and two evening return trips from Union Station in Toronto. (Matthew Kang/CBC )

Since CBC Kitchener-Waterloo launched in the region a year ago, transportation has been a hot topic for many residents.

In addition to the debate over light-rail transit, there has been a push from the region, local municipalities and the tech sector for the establishment of two-way, full-day GO Train service between Waterloo Region and Toronto. 

A consortium made up of the cities of Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, the Region of Waterloo and Communitech have made a pitch for the Kitchener GO line to be used for service expansion. Cambridge Mayor Doug Craig has argued an expansion on the Milton line to Cambridge would be faster and have higher ridership. 

On February 12, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne said on The Morning Edition that expansion of GO service between Waterloo Region and the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area was a "high priority."

To get a sense of who is currently commuting to the GTA from the region, we decided to hitch a ride on one of the two early morning trains from Kitchener to Union Station.  Here's what some of the riders told us about GO service.

Harish Jadeja

Commute - Kitchener to Toronto

Reason - Works for CIBC

“I’ve been commuting this route for over eight years and I used to take the Greyhound. But you know, [Highway] 401 and its unpredictability basically made me change. I think [GO] is a better service, I believe it’s cheaper too. Driving for me is totally out of the question.”

Cindy Jarvis

Commute - Guelph to Toronto

Reason - Works for Carpathian Gold

“It’s a little bit tiring. I just wish they had more express trains for the people coming in from Guelph and Kitchener. If there were more frequent trains, express trains, I wouldn’t have such a need to move back into the downtown core in Toronto.”

Kate McGillivray 

Commute - Kitchener to Toronto

Reason - Works for TD Bank

“Right now it’s either 5:49 a.m. or 7:49 a.m. and if you miss them that’s it for the day. I’m probably going to move to Oakville because the commute is too long.”

Linda England 

Commute - Kitchener to Toronto

Reason - Works at a foot clinic

“I was surprised there were only two runs into Toronto and two runs back. It would be good if there was a run in the middle.”


Jordon Thompson

Commute - Guelph to Brampton

Reason - Works for Nestle 

“I would actually be a proponent of having all-day service here because it adds more flexibility to my commute, so should I want to go in earlier for something I have that option. So I just think it would be a big benefit.”


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