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2 new councillors to be chosen in Wellesley Township. Candidates give top reasons they're running

Three positions in Wellesley Township have been acclaimed, but there are races in Ward 3 and Ward 4. CBC K-W asked candidates to list the top three reasons they're running in this municipal election.

Mayor and two councillors acclaimed

The mayor and two councillors have been acclaimed in Wellesley Township, but there are races in Ward 3 and Ward 4. (Township of Wellesley/Facebook)

There are two races in the Township of Wellesley and both will result in new faces on council as current councillors did not seek re-election.

There are races in Ward 3 — where Peter van der Maas is not seeking re-election — and Ward 4 — where Carl Smit is not seeking re-election.

Three positions in the township have been acclaimed:

  • Mayor Joe Nowak.
  • Ward 1 Coun. Shelley Wagner.
  • Lori Sebben in Ward 2.

Ward 3

Two portraits side-by-side, man on left, woman on right.
There are two people running in Wellesley's Ward 3: Derek Brick (left) and Mary Lichty. (Submitted by Derek Brick, Lichty photo by Rich Neeb)

There will be a new face representing Ward 3 as current Coun. Peter van der Mass is not seeking re-election.

There are two candidates running in Ward 3:

  • Derek Brick.
  • Mary Lichty.

Derek Brick says his top three reasons for running in this election are:

  • Care for community and wanting to help shape the township's future.
  • Looking for ways to solve housing issues.
  • Addressing best ways to grow while protecting farmland.

Brick says having lived his whole life in the township, he's "invested in keeping it a great place for the current and future residents that call Wellesley home."

"I believe kids who grow up in town should have the chance to live in their hometown as an adult if they choose. Current housing pressures make it difficult to rent in town let alone purchase. As a township we have opportunities to help make this a reality for future generations," he said.

"I want to bring a voice for the community as we look to grow according to the region's official plan. I believe in the opportunity for some expansion within the community but I also want to ensure our farmland is protected as farming is a major part of Wellesley Township that we need to maintain."

Mary Lichty says her top three reasons for running in this election are:

  • To grow the community and spend tax dollars wisely.
  • Protecting farmland.
  • Housing.

Lichty, who ran a farm in the township with her late husband, now volunteers with the fall fair and has sat on the township's committee of adjustment and recreational committee.

"As our community continues to grow, council needs to be wise with the spending of tax dollars," she said.

She noted farmland needs to be protected because many crops grown in the township are used by people in the region.

She added, "to have a heathy community, we need to offer a variety of housing options."

Ward 4

Two portraits of men, side-by-side.
There are two people seeking the Ward 4 seat in Wellesley Township: Claude Hergott (left) and Robert Caskanette. (Hergott photo by Carey Basler, submitted by Robert Caskanette)

There will be a new councillor for Ward 4 as current Coun. Carl Smit is not seeking re-election.

There are two candidates:

  • Robert Caskanette.
  • Claude Hergott.

Robert Caskanette says his top three reasons for running in this election are:

  • To be an advocate for everyone.
  • To bring his experience, qualifications and skills to the job.
  • Planning for the township's future.

Caskanette, who has sat on various executive boards and committees including for the township, says he intends to "advocate for valued community services and affordable living."

"I want to advocate for the concerns and ideas people are expressing to me, including responsible budgets, valued infrastructure projects, affordable living, concerns of seniors and youth in our community, jobs and destinations for young people, transportation options for those without vehicles, road safety,  issues with puppy mills and lack of enforcement and much more," he said. 

"My family is Métis. We have been in Canada since before Confederation and have been in the Wellesley area for many generations," he added.

"I genuinely understand the need to advocate for everyone within our community from all walks of life."

Claude Hergott says his top three reasons for running in this election are:

  • Bringing knowledge and experience to the council table.
  • To make sound decisions on current and future issues.
  • His connection to community.

Hergott has been a volunteer firefighter in Wellesley Township for 18 years and has worked in municipal public works for the last nine years. He has also lived and worked in Wellesley Township for 52 years.

"I have a lifelong connection to the community," he said.

How to vote in Wellesley

People in Wellesley can vote by phone or internet starting from now until 8 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 24.

During that time, there will be a voter help centre at the township's administrative office, at 4639 Lobsinger Line in St. Clements. It will have extended hours:

  • Monday, Oct. 24 from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

In order to vote, people will need to have handy their year of birth, voter ID and PIN. The township says this information was included in a voter information letter mailed to people in early October. People with questions should contact the voter help centre.

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