Waterloo Region votes: Kitchener Ward 10 profile

Municipal elections will be held across Waterloo Region on Oct. 27, and we're profiling wards in the region.

(Map by Allison Leonard)

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Municipal elections will be held across Waterloo Region on Oct. 27, and the following is a city ward profile that summarizes some key information. Did we miss any key issues in your ward? Let us know; email us at This profile was created in partnership with the Cord Community Edition.

Ward geography

Bounded by King Street to the west and the Conestoga Parkway to the east and south, Ward 10 is home to several major community hubs and attractions, including city hall, the Duke St. food block, the Breithaupt Block and the Aud.

Major issue: Increased, permanent population density

An area of significant growth in housing, business and economy since the 2010 election, Ward 10 has become a hub for street festivals, concerts and increased, but often isolated foot traffic. Residents hope to see the temporary populations of street festivals shift to a permanent citizen density.

"If there’s not an event happening in downtown Kitchener, it’s still kind of a ghost town," said Michael Litt, CEO at Vidyard and Ward 10 resident.

"We recently saw a bylaw passed that increased parking spaces available for high density developments in Kitchener. To increase density by increasing parking is doing the opposite of what we’re trying to do with investments like LRT."

Wes Campaigne, a software developer, lives and works in Ward 10.

"My whole life is within a few block radius of here," he said. "Downtown is old Kitchener meets new software developers. You can feel things changing."

Reliant on public transit, Campaigne says LRT and increased density are his priorities leading up to the election.

"I’m very much pro-LRT. It’ll further enhance the intensification happening downtown with new condos coming up," he said. "I’d much rather have dense cities than sprawling ones as someone who relies on public transit."