Waterloo Region votes: Kitchener Ward 1 profile

Municipal elections will be held across Waterloo Region on Oct. 27, and we're profiling wards in the region.

(Map by Allison Leonard)

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Municipal elections will be held across Waterloo Region on Oct. 27, and the following is a city ward profile that summarizes some key information. Did we miss any key issues in your ward? Let us know; email us at yournewskw@cbc.ca. This profile was created in partnership with the Cord Community Edition.

Ward geography

Kitchener’s Ward 1 is found north of Ottawa St., and east of the Conestoga Parkway. Its eastern border follows the Grand River to Kiwanis Park. Other local landmarks include Bingemans, Bechtel Park and the Manulife Financial Soccer and Sports Complex.

Major issues: Engagement, Highway 7 construction

According to candidate platforms, the major issue within Ward 1 is Highway 7 construction in the near future. Construction is likely to increase infill and intensive housing developments, including the vacant former school property between Sherwood Ave. and River Rd.

However, Ward 1 residents we spoke to felt that they weren’t aware of issues to be addressed in their area. None mentioned the Highway 7 issue.

"I guess I haven’t heard much from the councillors here," said Jamie Howlett, a ward 1 resident. "I’m not sure I know what questions I would ask them or what I’d want to see from them, they haven’t asked."

Issues raised at large by Ward 1 residents were regional issues, as opposed to those relevant to their own ward; common topics included homelessness in the downtown core, social services for marginalized individuals and police attitude in the downtown.

"I’ve lived here for almost a year and so far I haven’t seen any big issues to raise concern about," said Christy Saunders, a ward 1 resident.