Waterloo Region Votes: 5 Questions for Woolwich's Doug Hergott

CBC Kitchener-Waterloo asked every mayoral candidate in the region five questions. Today we hear from Doug Hergott, running for mayor of Woolwich township.
Doug Hergott is running for mayor of Woolwich township. (Doug Hergott)

Municipal elections in Waterloo Region will be held on October 27. CBC Kitchener-Waterloo has reached out to every mayoral candidate in the region who has officially filed to run. 

Each candidate has answered the same five questions, and their replies will be reproduced. Today we speak to Doug Hergott, who is running for mayor of Woolwich Township. 

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1. What's the most important issue in your city for the next council term?

The lack of municipal infrastructure funding sources has been and will continue to be a problem not only for the township of Woolwich but for our neighbouring municipalities. It should be this council's priority to ensure that a comprehensive list, along with supporting documentation and business cases, are prepared well in advance identifying and justifying the township's infrastructure projects so that applications for funding sources (and if applicable) are tender ready and can be processed expeditiously should future federal or provincial stimulus funding become available.

Other priorities are to ensure that all Woolwich facilities continue to meet and/or exceed accessibility requirements. Given that a large part of annual operating/capital dollars are allocated towards the maintenance of said assets we will need to ensure that comprehensive building audits have been completed, identifying any and all deficiencies allowing the township to budget operating and/or capital dollars accordingly.

2. Voter turnout is notoriously low, especially in municipal politics. How will you engage voters?

During my campaign I will be explaining to voters that my previous experience with municipal government can and will make a difference in Woolwich township. I would ensure them that they do have a voice and that after elections council needs to be held accountable at all times during their term to uphold their campaign commitments. As well students are our future and their awareness of politics is increasing (which is a great thing). We need to ensure that they are aware that his or her vote can make a difference and that they should continue to be involved.  

3. What would you say is your biggest weakness?

My biggest weakness is trying to accomplish too many things in a 24 hour day.  

4. Who is your political role model, and why?

Actually, I have two role models: Dom Cardillo and Carl Zehr. Although [they have] totally different styles as mayor, I admire many qualities about both of them. Dom Cardillo was the ultimate people person because of his friendly nature, he always remembered everyone's name and always went out of his way to make time for others. Carl Zehr is a visionary with an eloquent demeanour and excellent leadership skills, he has the ability to bring the best out in people.   

5. 40 years from now, how do you picture your municipality?

I see the township as a vibrant, flourishing community that has not only retained but continues to build on its cultural heritage aspects.  I also envision the community being an even larger tourist destination point and most importantly a place where people aspire to live, work and play.