Waterloo Region Votes: 5 questions for Wilmot's Terry Broda

CBC Kitchener-Waterloo asked every mayoral candidate in the region five questions. Today we hear from Terry Broda, running for mayor of Wilmot township.
Terry Broda is running for mayor of Wilmot township. (Terry Broda )

Municipal elections in Waterloo Region will be held on October 27. CBC Kitchener-Waterloo has reached out to every mayoral candidate in the region who has officially filed to run so far. The deadline for nomination papers to be filed is Sept. 12.

Each candidate has answered the same five questions, and their replies will be reproduced. Today we speak to Terry Broda, running for mayor of Wilmot Township. 

1. What’s the most important issue in your city for the next council term?

It’s difficult to pinpoint any one issue specifically, but I want to ensure that we address continued infrastructure requirements, ensure agriculture remains protected and strong in Wilmot, that the business communities continue to flourish and grow, and that the needs of the third ice pad using the current New Hamburg Arena is put into place immediately as there is a huge void in needed ice time for girl’s hockey and figure skating. Waiting until 2018 and building a new ice pad is not practical and will be expensive. We have the building, the facility, and the infrastructure to get things up and running now, at the lowest cost.

2. Voter turnout is notoriously low, especially in municipal politics. How will you engage voters?

I engage voters, meeting them face-to-face by going door-to-door during my campaign. I know this sounds old-school but it works for me. We are also using social media to gain more reach but keeping in mind that personal contact is very important. Our campaign is also striving to get more of the younger population out to vote as they really need to be involved in making our community stronger. However, engaging our whole community on a constant basis will keep them involved and in tune and not just every four years.

3. What would you say is your biggest weakness?

I want things to get done AND in a timely fashion but sometimes that is not possible. However, I will strive and do everything within my power to get important issues and projects completed in the shortest time frame possible and that the projects aren’t held up due to bureaucratic red tape.

4. Who is your political role model, and why?

I can’t say that I have any one political role model. Over the years I’ve carefully watched many politicians and leaders and strive to take the best practices from those that stand above the rest in providing strong, dedicated leadership and vision.

5. 40 years from now, how do you picture your municipality?

With proper vision, strong leadership, and careful planning, our township will be an incredibly vibrant and energetic agricultural community and the envy of many other municipalities, but the time frame for this is a much shorter period and when achieved, our township will continue this energy much further into the future. Farming is the majority business in our township and I don’t see that changing and we need to continue supporting our farming community. Additionally, we need to ensure our business areas continue to grow and prosper and with the needed communication with business owners, ideas and vision will be the result so we can act on them. We also want to build further on arts and culture and the heritage of our community to draw the attention Wilmot deserves and make our township a desired destination standing above the rest.