Waterloo Region votes: 5 questions for Wellesley's Jim Olender

CBC Kitchener-Waterloo asked every mayoral candidate in the region five questions. Today we hear from Jim Olender, running for mayor of Wellesley township.
Jim Olender is running for mayor of Wellesley township. (Courtesy Jim Olender)

Municipal elections in Waterloo Region will be held on October 27. With half a year to go until ballots are cast, CBC Kitchener-Waterloo has reached out to every mayoral candidate in the region who has officially filed to run.

Each candidate has answered the same five questions, and their replies will be reproduced. Today we speak to Jim Olender, one of two candidates registered to run for mayor of Wellesley Township.

1. What's the most important issue in your city for the next council term?

Sustainable funding from both the federal and provincial governments to maintain and improve our infrastructures. Dealing with the shortage of land for township use.

2. Voter turnout is notoriously low, especially in municipal politics. How will you engage voters?

You cannot force people to vote, but you can try to make the process as user friendly as possible - on-line vote, etc.

3. What would you say is your biggest weakness?

Probably, I should say "NO" when asked to do something when I am already dealing with a full slate.

4. Who is your political role model, and why?

Nelson Mandela - his tolerance, understanding and compassion towards humanity.

5. 40 years from now, how do you picture your municipality?

A community where people are proud to live and raise their families and where seniors have all the resources meet all their needs.