Waterloo Region Votes: 5 Questions for North Dumfries' Kim Denouden

CBC Kitchener-Waterloo asked every mayoral candidate in the region five questions. Today we hear from Kim Denouden, running for mayor of North Dumfries township.
Kim Denouden is running for mayor of North Dumfries township.

Municipal elections in Waterloo Region will be held on October 27. CBC Kitchener-Waterloo has reached out to every mayoral candidate in the region who has officially filed to run.

Each candidate has answered the same five questions, and their replies are published online. Today we speak to Kim Denouden who is running for mayor of North Dumfries township. 

1. What's the most important issue in your city for the next council term?

I feel the priorities for North Dumfries township are future growth and stimulating our local economy, strengthening the heart of our community, infrastructure investment, trails and parks master plan, establish committees for aggregate and a long term care facility, heritage, arts and culture and transit routes.

2. Voter turnout is notoriously low, especially in municipal politics. How will you engage voters?

I hope to engage voters by being accessible, going door-to-door. Involved in discussion one-on-one or as a group. I want voters to engage in a trusted manner and feel their vote is important. Also through social media. "I want to hear from you."

3. What would you say is your biggest weakness?

My biggest weakness is public speaking. I have worked on this over the years but still feel more comfortable speaking with notes in hand.

4. Who is your political role model, and why?

My political role model is Hazel McCallion. I have watched her leadership style for years. The vision she has for her municipality and the approach she takes. Her no nonsense attitude and business acumen.

5. 40 years from now, how do you picture your municipality?

In 40 years, I picture the township looking similar as it is today. Our rural areas showcasing some of the finest agricultural lands in Canada. Buy local at the forefront. The heart of our community, the village of Ayr will be developed to its boundaries with much insight from the residents, maintaining its many historical features and enhancements to the area. The township will be linked together through our Trails and Parks Masterplan involving the many conservation areas and of course the jewel in our region - Rare Charitable Research Reserve.