Waterloo Region Votes: 5 Questions for Cambridge's Sardool Bhogal

CBC Kitchener-Waterloo asked every mayoral candidate in the region the same five questions. Today we hear from Cambridge's Sardool Bhogal.
Sardool Bhogal is running for mayor of Cambridge. (Sardool Bhogal)

Municipal elections in Waterloo Region will be held on October 27. CBC Kitchener-Waterloo has reached out to every mayoral candidate in the region who has officially filed to run. 

Each candidate has answered the same five questions, and their replies will be reproduced. Today we hear from Sardool Bhogal, running for mayor of Cambridge.

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​​​​​​1. What's the most important issue in your city for the next council term?

Current leadership is not capable to deal with the regional council at a meaning full and productive level. As mayor I will work to change that, so we can be treated as equal partners on all issues that matter to the citizens of Cambridge.

I will create an environment for investors to build affordable housing, opportunities for youth and skilled trades. I will work to build an expo center/multiple sports facility at one central location and a business development corporation to attract more new business and jobs for Cambridge.

Direct train link to Milton-Union Station is also an urgent need. I will work will all partners to speed up this process. With an idle train station in Cambridge, it is beyond belief that all previous leaders have ignored putting this major asset to productive use. 

2. Voter turnout is notoriously low, especially in municipal politics. How will you engage voters?

 Social media is a major component in my campaign.

3. What would you say is your biggest weakness?

Work hard and expect all others to follow that same regimen.

4. Who is your political role model, and why?

U.S. President Ronald Reagan, our own [former] PM Brian Mulroney. They will work till desired ends are met.
Keeping that in mind my weakness is not such a bad thing. 

5. 40 years from now, how do you picture your municipality?

Under my term as mayor of Cambridge, I will lay the ground work to be able to compare yourself with Chicago or Toronto. Both cities have similarity to Cambridge by virtue of waterfront.