Rogers offers $9.99 internet to people in subsidized Waterloo Region housing

Waterloo region has partnered with Rogers to deliver low-cost high speed internet for people living in subsidized housing.

No contract, no credit check, no cancellation fees

Rogers' Connected for Success program launched in 2013 and has provided low-cost internet services to more than 15,000 households across Ontario, New Brunswick and Newfoundland. (CBC)

People living in subsidized housing in Waterloo region will have access to low-cost, high speed internet thanks to a new partnership between the region and Rogers.

Rogers' Connected for Success program launched in 2013 and has provided low-cost internet services to more than 15,000 households across Ontario, New Brunswick and Newfoundland. 

The program aims to help individuals and families connect with services and resources they may need in their community. Residents who qualify pay $9.99 a month. 

"When you look at today's digital world, whether it's community services, government services or educational services, they are all going digital and not having access, you're falling behind," Peter King, senior director of corporate social responsibility at Rogers told CBC News. 

Waterloo region supports roughly 2,700 subsidized housing units alongside other organizations that do the same, making the partnership between the region and Rogers a good fit for the community, said Ken Seiling, chair of regional council.

"I think there is great need and I think it speaks to a segment of our population that really does need this kind of assistance," he said.

Signing up for the Connected for Success program won't require a credit check and won't lock tenants in a contract either, said King. There is also no installation fee or penalties for cancelling.