Garbage bag limit upped to 6, no yard waste collection for now in Waterloo region

The Region of Waterloo is making some changes to waste collection, including increasing the number of garbage bags people can put out at the curb every two weeks starting March 30. As well, yard waste collection will be put on hold until further notice.

Region asks people to limit how much garbage they put out

The region has raised the number of garbage bags people can put out at the curb every two weeks from four to six until further notice. (Kate Bueckert/CBC)

People will be able to put up to six bags or cans of garbage at the curb every second week on garbage pickup day in Waterloo region.

The increase of the limit from four to six will begin March 30 and will go until further notice.

Small apartments will have their limit increased from 10 to 12 bags.

Regular green bin and blue box collection continues as normal.

"This is to assist residents unable to drop off diapers at the transfer station and to allow anyone who is sick to put recyclables that have touched their face in the garbage," the region said in a release Tuesday.

The region also announced there will be no yard waste collection for the time being and bulky and large item collection is being cancelled starting on March 30 as well.

The region says while many people may be using their time in self-isolation for spring cleaning, there are limited regional resources to help pick up the garbage.

"Even with extended garbage limits available, we ask residents to please continue to limit the number of bags of waste they put out as much as possible," the region said.

The changes come after the region also asked residents to make other changes to protect garbage collectors from COVID-19.

The region has asked people to place used tissues and napkins in the garbage instead of in green bins. Anyone who is sick should put all items that came in contact with their mouth, nose or eyes into the garbage. That includes blue box items such as water bottles and juice bottles.


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