Getting to and around Waterloo top of mind for Waterloo Mayor Dave Jaworsky

In a year-end interview, Waterloo Mayor Dave Jaworsky says he wants to make it easier to get around the city and that includes building a grid of pathways or bike lanes so people can cycle all year.
Waterloo Mayor Dave Jaworsky says he wants to see the city develop a grid of pathways and bike lanes for cyclists to help them get around the city. (City of Waterloo)

It's no secret political leaders in Waterloo region have been advocating for two-way, all-day GO trains, but Waterloo Mayor Dave Jaworsky says a top priority for his city is also helping people get around all year long.

In a year-end interview with Craig Norris, host of The Morning Edition, Jaworsky discussed a number of issues including retail cannabis stores and the annual St. Patrick's Day party that sees revellers flood Ezra Avenue.

But he also talked about getting around the city. He says the streetscaping project in uptown Waterloo will be expanded over the coming years all the way up to University Avenue.

As well, active transportation options around the universities and Conestoga College are top of mind.

The city needs "a minimum grid of pathways or bike lanes that they can get around 12 months of the year," Jaworsky said. "You can go through Waterloo in the dead of winter and still find cyclists out there."

Jaworsky was at an announcement earlier this month about GO adding an extra train to get people into Toronto in the morning and back to Waterloo in the afternoon. He says he's looking forward to what Transportation Minister Jeff Yurek works on over the next 18 months to improve service to Waterloo in the morning.

"You have as many people commuting out here to work at our tech companies, insurance companies, universities, as we have going into the GTA to work there," he said.

"We're an economic development corridor, not just a commuting corridor, and it is impacting some of our largest employers who want to attract people who are in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area)."

Listen to the whole interview with Waterloo Mayor Dave Jaworsky:

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