Waterloo candidates talk climate change, how they'll help university and college grads

The five candidates in Waterloo joined The Morning Edition for a federal election panel. They were asked about climate change and keeping the cost of living down for university and college graduates who are concerned about their future.
The Waterloo candidates are (from left) Erika Traub of the People's Party of Canada, Kirsten Wright of the Green Party, Liberal Bardish Chagger, NDP's Lori Campbell and Conservative Jerry Zhang. (Kate Bueckert/CBC)

The five candidates running for Parliament in Waterloo discussed climate change and how they'd make life affordable for university and college students who are about to graduate and feel uncertain about their future.

The candidates are incumbent Liberal Bardish Chagger, Conservative Jerry Zhang, NDP's Lori Campbell, Kirsten Wright of the Green Party and Erika Traub of the People's Party of Canada.

You can listen to the complete panel here (20 minutes):