LRT construction, walking trails lead to connectivity, says Waterloo Mayor Dave Jaworsky

Waterloo Mayor Dave Jaworsky looks back at the LRT construction in 2016 and the now-famous corduroy road.

'Two words I never want to hear again: corduroy road.'

Waterloo Mayor Dave Jaworsky says the ION and walking trails will bring greater connectivity to the city. (Courtesy Dave Jaworsky)

As 2016 draws to a close, we're speaking to our leaders in Waterloo Region about how it went, and what their priorities are for the year ahead.

In this interview with CBC K-W's Craig Norris, Waterloo Mayor Dave Jaworsky discusses LRT construction and the corduroy road discovered under King Street in uptown Waterloo. Plus, he looks ahead to testing the new Bombardier LRT trains in the coming year.