Death threats, close calls caught on camera by Waterloo cyclist

Watch out drivers. If you show reckless driving on University Avenue, you might be caught on camera by cyclist Keith Peck.

Keith Peck wants drivers to be held accountable after a colleague died last year

A screen shot of one of Peck's video posted on Youtube on April 24 of this year. (Youtube: Keith Peck )

A cyclist in Waterloo has been filming the dangerous behaviours of drivers on University Avenue on his daily commute to work. 

Keith Peck said he uses the videos from his GoPro camera to catch reckless driving and report them to police.  

"Some are dangerous, some are careless and there's people being oblivious in their own little world, not realizing the impact they could've had on someone else," Peck said.  

Peck said he started filming almost two years ago, after a former faculty member at the University of Waterloo was killed on a bicycle. 

"Eventually the charges were dropped, because it's so hard to prove fault," Peck said, referring to the case that stemmed from the faculty member's accident. "The victim isn't there to give evidence for themselves." 

Peck said the worst behaviour he's ever seen was when someone used the bike lane as a passing lane while he was in it. That was in the area of University Avenue and Fischer-Hallman Road in Waterloo.

He said other incidents he witnessed included drivers stopping in the bike lane and opening their doors, being on their cell phones and obstructing another driver's view. 

"There's usually deliberate or careless behaviour that causes a death and more needs to be done to reduce those problems," he said. 

Peck said he has reported the incidents online to Waterloo Regional Police Service, but has not heard back other than to receive confirmation they've received his reports. 

In April, he started posting the videos he made online.  

"I didn't have intention of shaming any driver, but with the publicity, I do regret that might be the result," he admits. 

Waterloo Regional Police Service said all of Peck's reports "have been followed up with and motorists spoken to" and "charges have been laid where warranted." 


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