Woman petitions for a guard rail where Kaden Young was lost in Grand River

After the tragic incident of missing 3-year-old Kaden Young, a woman from his hometown is petitioning to put up a guardrail on 10th Line in Amaranth, Ont. She says the accident could've been prevented if there had been a guard rail there.

Kelly Robinson says a guard rail could have saved the 3-year-old and wants to prevent other tragedies

A small memorial for three-year-old Kaden Young on the river bank near where he was swept away in flood waters near Grand Valley, Ont. Feb. 22 after his mother lost her grip on him. (Kate Bueckert/CBC)
Kelly Robinson, a woman from Amaranth Township, Ont. is petitioning to have a guard rail put up at 10th Line — the place where missing 3-year-old Kaden Young was swept up by the Grand River flood, after his family's car submerged into the river more than two weeks ago. 
"Had there been a guardrail there — this horrible accident probably wouldn't have taken place," said Robinson, who is a mother of three and has lived in Waldemar for 15 years. 
Robinson is petitioning to Amaranth Township council to build a guard rail right at 10th Line. (Google Maps)

She said she's driven down 10th Line many times to take her children into Grand Valley for hockey practice and have often wondered about the dangers of the water. 

"They've only got a little guard rail, but for those who travel that road going north and south bound, there's no protection other than that little area," said Robinson. 

"I've often thought, 'why isn't there a guard rail there?'" 

A memorial for Kaden has formed on a bridge overlooking the Grand River. (Adrian Cheung/CBC)

Robinson said a guard rail would protect residents and visitors from falling into the water when there is extreme weather. 

"It's a type of different world up here when severe weather conditions hit," said Robinson. "That river can get really angry." 

Presenting to council 

Robinson said she and another woman will be presenting the petition to Amaranth Township council on Wednesday morning. 

"It's just really sad that it's taken just this tragic accident for us to move forward with this," she said. 
Robinson said she's been sharing the petition online and going door-to-door to spread the word. She has even dropped off the petition at the Young's home, with their permission.  
Kaden Young, 3, has been missing since he was pulled from his mothers arms and swept into the Grand River near Orangeville, Ont., early Wednesday morning. (Submitted by the Young family)

She said she has received an overwhelmingly "positive response," with many tell her it's "a good idea." 

As of Tuesday night, the petition has garnered over 900 signatures, not counting those who signed the petition on physical papers. 

Won't take no for an answer 

Robinson said she believes there will be "hiccups," with the plan, such as council saying no because of agricultural reasons.  

"It might be feasible, it might not be feasible," said Robinson. 

"Some are saying if you put a guard rail up... where is the snow going to get pushed?"

But Robinson said that's considered a "minimal" problem in her point of view. 

"There's always a solution to a problem if it's well thought-out," she said. 

"If council says no, it's not going to be something we're going to let go lightly. There's going to be a fight. No is not acceptable."