University of Guelph professor on leave after assault charges

The University of Guelph says professor John Kissick is on leave while "officials are reviewing the situation."

John Kissick, a fine arts professor, charged with assault after ex-girlfriend posted video online

A picture of John Kissick and Talia Yeo was posted on Yeo's personal Facebook page on Sept. 13, 2017. Yeo later posted a video of Kissick online. He has since been charged with assault. (Facebook: Talia Rose )

The University of Guelph says fine arts professor John Kissick, who's been charged with assault after a video surfaced online, is currently on leave while "university officials are reviewing the situation." 

Kissick is currently facing two charges of assault and one charge of assault with a weapon, according to information from court documents provided to CBC News. 

Last month, his ex-girlfriend Talia Yeo posted a video of an incident allegedly involving Kissick on her Instagram account and her personal Facebook page, saying that it wasn't a "one-off" incident. 

In a statement to CBC News, the university says it "takes matters that affect the safety and well-being of its students, faculty and staff seriously, and there are policies and processes in place to address such allegations." 

Kissick is on leave, "which is standard procedure during such a review," the statement said. 

Requests to John Kissick for comment have not been returned.