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Voter turnout drops in all Waterloo region ridings

In all five ridings in Waterloo region, as well as Guelph, Wellington-Halton Hills and Perth-Wellington, voter turnout was down, according to numbers from Elections Canada.

Infrastructure, affordable housing top issues day after election: Local politicians

Political leaders in Waterloo region and Guelph say they want the re-elected MPs in the area to help them secure funding for infrastructure, affordable housing and green energy projects.

Human error, missing documents delayed Kitchener-Conestoga vote count

Elections Canada says human error was to blame for a delay in reporting results in a close race in the Kitchener-Conestoga riding in Ontario after the polls closed in Monday's federal election.

Student Vote Canada shows greener mock outcome in Waterloo region, Guelph

Student Vote Canada has released the local results of a mock federal election held in elementary and secondary schools across Waterloo region.

Liberal Marwan Tabbara re-elected in Kitchener South-Hespeler

Liberal incumbent Marwan Tabbara has been re-elected in Kitchener South-Hespeler, winning about 40 per cent of the popular vote.

Liberal Raj Saini re-elected in Kitchener Centre

Liberal incumbent Raj Saini has been re-elected in Kitchener Centre, winning about 37 per cent of the popular vote.

Liberal Lloyd Longfield re-elected in Guelph

Incumbent Lloyd Longfield won with about 40 per cent of the popular vote.

Liberal Bardish Chagger re-elected in Waterloo riding

Liberal incumbent and former house leader Bardish Chagger has been re-elected in the riding of Waterloo with about 48 per cent of the popular vote.

Liberal Bryan May re-elected in Cambridge

Liberal incumbent Bryan May was re-elected in Cambridge with about 40 per cent of the popular vote, ahead of Conservative Sunny Attwal who took 30 per cent of the popular vote, CBC News projects.

Tight race between Albrecht and Louis in Kitchener-Conestoga

Kitchener-Conestoga is one of several riding races across the country that lasted early into Tuesday morning. It's a narrow margin between Conservative incumbent Harold Albrecht and Liberal candidate Tim Louis who are duking it out for one per cent of the popular vote.

2019 federal election results for Waterloo region and surrounding areas

The unofficial results are now in for all federal ridings in the K-W area. Elections Canada official validated results will not be available for another week or two.

3 Guelph polling stations near university 'overwhelmed' by student voters

Guelph saw three polling stations overwhelmed by university students after dinner, causing delays at those locations, an Elections Canada spokesperson says.

Voter turnout up about 30 per cent in advance polls around Waterloo, Guelph

Voter turnout in advance polls this federal election went up 29 per cent over 2015, according to Elections Canada. Waterloo region and Guelph ridings both saw an increase of several thousand voters.

K-W VOTES | Guns, environment, rural internet top issues in Kitchener-Conestoga

Voters in Kitchener-Conestoga are considering their options in Monday's federal election. There are five candidates seeking the seat in that riding.

CANADA VOTES | Environment, internet, cost of living issues in Perth-Wellington

Voters in Perth-Wellington have a choice to make between six candidates in Monday's federal election.

K-W VOTES | Guns, environment, opioids top issues in Kitchener South-Hespeler

Voters in Kitchener South-Hespeler are considering their options in Monday's federal election. There are seven candidates seeking the seat in that riding.

K-W VOTES | Environment, women's health major issues in Kitchener Centre

Voters in Kitchener Centre are considering their options in Monday's federal election. There are six candidates seeking the seat in that riding.

CANADA VOTES | Water, internet, infrastructure top of mind in Wellington-Halton Hills

Voters in Wellington-Halton Hills have a choice between five candidates in Monday's federal election.

GUELPH VOTES | 9 candidates offer spectrum of options in Guelph

Guelph voters have a choice between nine candidates in Monday's federal election.

K-W VOTES | Opioids, housing, environment main issues in Cambridge

Voters in Cambridge have a choice between seven candidates in Monday's federal election, and they'll be mulling a number of issues that are impacting the city, North Dumfries Township and Brant Township.

Kitchener mayor calls on people to vote for 'building better lives' along with other big city mayors

Kitchener Mayor Berry Vrbanovic joined other mayors from Canada's largest cities to ask voters to consider how Monday's federal election will impact the municipalities where they live.

Ready, set, vote: Tips for making the voting process go smoothly

Monday is the federal election and that means people across Waterloo region will be hitting up local polling stations to cast their ballots. Here are some tips to help make that process go a little smoother.

'Please vote for those who can't,' Kitchener teen urges voters

Elizabeth Rose is a 16-year-old from Kitchener who is asking people to vote in Monday's federal election.

Kitchener South-Hespeler, Cambridge expected to be 'horse races' in election, researcher says

Two races in Waterloo region are considered too close to call by poll tracking websites, including one run by Wilfrid Laurier University associate professor Barry Kay.

Questions, roadblocks linger 31 years after people with intellectual disabilities get the vote

An advocacy group says it can be hard to get people with intellectual disabilities to the polls. Often they don't have a chance to see election information in a form they can easily understand, and their understanding of the issues can be easily influenced by those they spend time with.

Environment, economy and casting a ballot on minds of voters at K-W Multicultural Centre

CBC Kitchener-Waterloo sat down with voters at the Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Centre to hear what their top concerns are in the federal election.

Wellington-Halton Hills candidates grilled on gas tax, climate change, housing strategy by region

Halton Region has sent surveys to candidates to find out where they stand on issues important to the municipality, such as doubling gas tax transfer payments and bettering broadband internet access to rural areas.

In close Waterloo region races, casting a strategic ballot may be on voters' minds: Analysts

There are at least three races considered too close to call in the region by two poll-tracking websites. It may have people in those ridings thinking about voting strategically in Monday's federal election.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau touts track record during campaign stop in Waterloo region

Hundreds of people turned out to watch Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau make stops in Waterloo region Monday night. Trudeau made a quick pit stop at a pizza restaurant in Cambridge, and tapped a keg during a longer stop at an Oktoberfest party in Wilmot Township.

Perth-Wellington Liberal candidate has 100 signs defaced or stolen, campaign says

The Liberal candidate in Perth-Wellington says at least 100 of his signs have been stolen or defaced during this election campaign.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau to make stop in Waterloo region Monday

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau will return to Waterloo region Monday for campaign stops in Cambridge and at an Oktoberfest event in Mannheim.

Waterloo Region Votes 2019: Candidates on cost of living, environment and top concerns

Candidates in ridings in Waterloo region, Guelph, Wellington-Halton Hills and Perth-Wellington have responded to surveys asking them about the top issue in their ridings, the environment and the rise in the cost of living.

Cambridge candidates on cost of living, environment and what you need to know about them

Candidates in Cambridge were asked to fill out a survey of four questions where they were asked about the environment, cost of living and the top concern for the city. These are their responses.

Kitchener South-Hespeler candidates talk environment, cost of living

Candidates in Kitchener South-Hespeler were asked to fill out a survey of four questions where they were asked about the environment, cost of living and the top concern for the city. These are their responses.

Guelph candidates on top issues facing city, cost of living, environment

Candidates in Guelph were asked to fill out a survey of four questions where they were asked about the environment, cost of living and the top concern for the city. These are their responses.

Wellington-Halton Hills candidates on top issues impacting their riding

Candidates in Wellington-Halton Hills were asked to fill out a survey of four questions where they were asked about the environment, cost of living and the top concern for the city. These are their responses.

Perth-Wellington candidates on environment, cost of living and top issues in this election

Candidates in Perth-Wellington were asked to fill out a survey of four questions where they were asked about the environment, cost of living and their top concern for the riding. These are their responses.

Kitchener-Conestoga candidates discuss cost of living, top concerns in riding

Candidates in Kitchener-Conestoga were asked to fill out a survey of four questions where they were asked about the environment, cost of living and the top concern for the city. These are their responses.

Climate change, healthcare and 'tone' of election among top issues in Baden, voters say

Voters in Waterloo region shared their top concerns for the upcoming federal election during a coffee shop talk with CBC Kitchener-Waterloo at the Baden Coffee Company.

Swastikas painted on election signs in Guelph

Police in Guelph are investigating after swastikas were painted on five election signs in the city's north end.

Regional candidates asked about reproductive rights, femicide, Islamaphobia in survey

A new coalition called Feminist Shift has launched in Waterloo region and it kicked off by releasing an all-candidates survey that focuses on issues important to woman and gender-diverse people.

Waterloo region's federal election candidates discuss the issues

If you missed a candidate panel this week on The Morning Edition, you can find them all right here.

Special polling stations open at local campuses

Special polling stations have been set up at Conestoga College, the University of Waterloo, Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Guelph. It's a way to encourage students to vote, but anyone is able to vote at the locations.

Volunteers educate voters about Waterloo region election events

Civic Tech WR has launched a website to help local voters learn more about their candidates and find out about events like all-candidate debates.

Waterloo candidates on what they think an ethical government looks like

With ethics violations and questions about who politicians really are coming up regularly in this federal election, the candidates in Waterloo were asked what they think an ethical government looks like.

Waterloo candidates talk climate change, how they'll help university and college grads

The five candidates in Waterloo joined The Morning Edition for a federal election panel. They were asked about climate change and keeping the cost of living down for university and college graduates who are concerned about their future.

Bill Morneau makes campaign stop in Kitchener South-Hespeler

Former federal finance minister Bill Morneau visited the Hespeler neighbourhood of Cambridge Thursday, throwing his weight behind incumbent Liberal MP Marwan Tabbara.

Kitchener-Conestoga candidates talk cost of living, climate change

The five candidates in Kitchener South-Hespeler joined The Morning Edition for a federal election panel. They were asked about the cost of living and climate change.

Trust top of mind for voters as Kitchener South-Hespeler candidates knock on doors

Canadiates in Kitchener South-Hespeler say they're hearing about a lot of issues when they knock on doors and talk to voters and trust is among the top concerns people raise.

Kitchener South-Hespeler candidates talk guns, climate and cost of living

Four of the candidates in Kitchener South-Hespeler joined The Morning Edition for a federal election panel. They were asked about gun violence, climate change and the rise in the cost of living.

As Kitchener mulls tax levy, federal candidates say they'd step up infrastructure funding

Kitchener is considering a levy on property taxes to help pay for aging infrastructure. The candidates for Kitchener Centre all say they'd work to ensure local municipalities have the funding needed for infrastructure but offered different ways of funding it.

Kitchener Centre candidates talk environment, abortion and cost of living

Five of the candidates for Kitchener Centre talked about issues including the environment, abortion and the rise in the cost of living.

Cambridge candidates agree climate is changing, but disagree on how to address it

Five candidates in Cambridge were asked for their views on climate change and how it should be addressed. All agreed the climate is changing, but at least one disagreed on how much it was changing and they all had different views on how to address the issue.

Cambridge federal election candidates discuss cost of living, opioid crisis

Five people who are running for the Parliamentary seat in Cambridge in this fall's federal election joined The Morning Edition on Monday to discuss the issues important to the voters in their area.

'You're deciding the future for us': What local youth want you to consider before voting

Young people say their voices will be heard in this federal election, whether or not they're old enough to vote. "I wouldn't buy for a second that youth aren't going to be engaged in this election," says a young panelist on CBC K-W's The Morning Edition.

Cambridge boy, 5, wants politicians to help him save polar bears

Theo Davidson Snider, 5, of Cambridge wrote a letter to the prime minister and some local federal candidates asking them to do more to save the polar bears.

Listen closely, activists urge politicians for Waterloo region climate strikes

Local politicians planning to attend the Global Climate Strike demonstrations in Waterloo and Cambridge on Friday should pay close attention to what's being said. One of the organizers, Andres Fuentes, says politicians should 'know enough to listen rather than try to push their message.'

Guelph candidates hit the road to chat with voters during bike ride Wednesday

Guelph candidates will be riding bikes with voters Wednesday night. Organizers say it's a low-stress way to get to know the federal candidates.

Climate strike demonstrators try to confront Scheer during Cambridge stop

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer was in Cambridge Tuesday, making a last-minute change to his schedule to hit up a local hot dog stand rather than the coffee shop where global climate strike demonstrators were waiting for him.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer to stop in Cambridge Tuesday

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is expected to make two stops in Cambridge on Tuesday to support local candidates.

Youth vote campaigns target Waterloo students

The Future Majority and Student Vote campaigns are aimed at highlighting the issues important to university and college students while also encouraging them to vote. Local organizers say students understand why it's important to vote.

Women need local support to run for federal office, former councillor says

Former regional councillor Jane Mitchell says women need to see other women as politicians, and receive support from their male counterparts, to encourage them to run for office.

Waterloo region Liberal candidates support Trudeau after brownface photos surface

Liberal candidates in Waterloo region say they will continue to support their party's leader, Justin Trudeau, after photos of him in brownface were released in the media.

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May on issues impacting Waterloo region votes

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May was in Waterloo region this week and she stopped by CBC Kitchener-Waterloo's The Morning Edition to talk about the issues important to local voters and her party's newly released platform.
CBC Explains

What you need to know about election signs

Election signs are subject to rules not only in the Canada Elections Act, but also local municipal regulations.

Kitchener Centre candidate's use of 're-elect' signs not against the rules: Elections Canada

Former Kitchener Centre MP Stephen Woodworth has put up signs with the word 're-elect' on them even though he's not the incumbent in this election. Elections Canada says that doesn't break any rules, but Liberal candidate and incumbent Raj Saini calls it misleading.

Elizabeth May says including Bernier in debates a 'fair decision'

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May calls the Leaders' Debates Commission's move to include Maxime Bernier in the televised English and French debates next month a "fair decision."

Regulations around AI, data collection need to be in place now, Green leader says

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May says there's a crisis in Canada when it comes to artificial intelligence and the collection of personal information online, and rules need to be put into place now.

Green Leader Elizabeth May touts party platform at stop in Kitchener

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May was in Kitchener Monday afternoon just hours after releasing her party's platform for the federal election.

Trudeau ready to partner with region on transit, infrastructure needs

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says local municipalities are in the best position to determine what they need when it comes to transit and infrastructure and if re-elected this October, he's ready to partner with them he told an audience in Waterloo Monday.

Trudeau, May both in Waterloo region Monday

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau will be in Waterloo Monday morning, and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May will be in Kitchener in the afternoon before a rally in Guelph in the evening.

The Waterloo region ridings that help tell the story of where the election will be won and lost

Cambridge, Kitchener South-Hespeler and Guelph are among the 60 ridings that CBC analyst Eric Grenier says will tell the story of Election 2019.

Local Greens hope to see big boost in support at the polls on Oct. 21

Local Green candidates are hoping to ride a wave of Green support after Green Party of Ontario Leader Mike Schreiner won his seat in Guelph in the 2018 provincial election.

Cambridge, Kitchener South-Hespeler are races to watch, say analysts

Two local political science professors weigh in on which local races will be the most interesting to watch in this fall's federal election.

Kitchener, Waterloo mayors call on federal parties to cough up more money for municipalities

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities has revealed an election wish-list that calls on whoever forms the next federal government to permanently double the amount of cash transferred to local governments through the federal gas tax fund.

Poll tracker: follow political trends in Waterloo region and beyond

The CBC News Poll Tracker aggregates all publicly available polling data to see where the parties stand. It's maintained by CBC poll analyst Éric Grenier.

Here are Waterloo region's candidates in the upcoming federal election

This is a list of people running in the federal election in Waterloo region, as well as Guelph, Wellington-Halton Hills and Perth-Wellington.

Here's what voters in Waterloo region need to know about the federal election

The federal election is underway this morning. Voters will head to the polls on Monday, Oct. 21. Here's what you need to know including who is running and how to cast your ballot early.

Why women still don't win elections as often as men in Canada

A sweeping CBC/Radio-Canada analysis of results from three federal elections has found that women are less frequently nominated in their party's stronghold ridings than men and get less financial support. And it appears that this year's federal election will be no exception.

Can't vote but can volunteer: Teens dive into politics ahead of federal election

They can't yet vote, but they aren't planning to sit this federal election out — teens are showing up to political offices across Canada and volunteering their time to push for causes and candidates they believe in.

Guelph federal candidates to discuss food insecurity at Eat Think Vote debate

A debate titled Eat Think Vote in Guelph Tuesday will bring some of the federal election candidates in the city together for the first time to face-off on the subject of food insecurity.

NDP pick Wasai Rahimi for Kitchener South-Hespeler, Lori Campbell for Waterloo

NDP have chosen Wasai Rahimi to represent Kitchener South-Hespeler and Lori Campbell to run in Waterloo in the next federal election. Voters go to the polls on October 21.

Pro-choice advocates rally in front of MP's office amidst his support to defund abortions

Over a dozen rally goers came together on the sidewalk next to MP Harold Albrecht's office to express their disappointment in their representative's actions to defund abortions, protesters say.

Lori Campbell seeks federal NDP nomination for Waterloo riding

Indigenous leader, Lori Campbell, will be seeking the federal NDP nomination for the riding of Waterloo. She is currently the director of Waterloo's Indigenous Student Centre at the University of Waterloo and an Indigenous studies instructor at St. Paul’s University College.

U.S. abortion debate being felt in Waterloo region, Shore Centre's Lyndsey Butcher says

The debate around new laws in some parts of the United States restricting abortion has led to more discussions of the issue in Canada and even more people making donations to the Shore Centre, which offers women advice on pregnancy options, the agency's executive director says.

6 months out, here's who we know is running locally in the federal election

Three of the four major parties already have their candidates in place for the 2019 federal election, scheduled for six months from Sunday. Here’s a list of who we know is already running.

Stephen Woodworth seeks to unseat Raj Saini and reclaim Kitchener Centre

Former Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth will seek to reclaim his seat in the riding of Kitchener Centre in this fall’s election. In 2015, Liberal Raj Saini won the riding.

Sunny Attwal wins federal Conservative nomination in Cambridge

Sunny Attwal won the nomination race to be the Conservative candidate in Cambridge for this fall's federal election. Jerry Zhang won the nomination in Waterloo earlier this month.

Steve Dyck named Green candidate for Guelph in this fall's federal election

Steve Dyck, the president of Guelph Solar Mechanical, will be the Green candidate in this fall's federal election for Guelph.

Region to seek federal, provincial funding for new $120M bus facility

The Region of Waterloo is hoping to use funding from the provincial and federal government to build a new bus storage and maintenance facility in north Waterloo.

Ontario announces $1.62B in joint transit funding as MPs complain about delay

Ontario's Infrastructure Minister Monte McNaughton announced $1.62 billion in joint provincial and federal funding for transit on Tuesday, but two Liberal MPs say the province has dragged its feet in providing money to municipalities.

Greens name Kitchener Centre, Waterloo candidates for federal election

Kirsten Wright in Waterloo and Mike Morrice in Kitchener Centre will represent the Green party in this fall's federal election.

Andrew Moraga named Kitchener Centre NDP candidate for federal election

The Kitchener Centre NDP have nominated their candidate for this fall's federal election and it's ecologist Andrew Moraga.

Doug Craig steps away from Conservative Party nomination in Cambridge

Doug Craig says he will be stepping away from the Conservative Party nomination race and instead support Tyler Calver, who is also seeking the federal Conservative Party nomination for Cambridge.

NDP name candidate in Cambridge for 2019 federal election

The NDP in Cambridge have named Scott Hamilton as their candidate for this October's federal election.

Food insecurity could be a federal election issue: Food Banks Canada

In just one month, 1.1 million Canadians turned to a food bank for help, the new Hunger Count report says. That's unacceptable, says Kirstin Beardsley of Food Banks Canada and it should spark conversations with candidates in this fall's federal election.

Cost of living, economy and 'values' top issues for Waterloo region voters: Panel

Three members of local riding associations joined The Morning Edition on Monday to discuss what could be the top issues for Waterloo region voters in this year's federal election.

Scott Hamilton seeks NDP nomination for Cambridge

Scott Hamilton says he is seeking the nomination for the NDP in Cambridge as the upcoming federal election gets closer.

School trustee Cindy Watson eyes Conservative Party nomination in Cambridge

Waterloo Region District School Board trustee Cindy Watson says she intends to run for the Conservative Party nomination in Cambridge for the upcoming federal election.

Cambridge Mayor Doug Craig to seek Tory nomination in 2019 federal election

Doug Craig, who is currently the mayor of Cambridge, says he will seek the nomination to be the Conservative candidate for the city in the 2019 federal election.