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Cambridge councillor Ermeta wants to talk amalgamation with Flamborough in 2019

Cambridge Coun. Nicholas Ermeta says he wants to move forward with a plan he proposed during the municipal election to see if it's possible to annex Flamborough from Hamilton.

North Dumfries to reconsider online voting for 2022, says Mayor

North Dumfries Mayor Sue Foxton says she's heard from residents who had trouble voting online or by phone in Monday's municipal election. She says she wants council to think twice about how it will conduct the election in 2022.

Karen Redman elected regional chair

Karen Redman, a former Liberal MP who until this election served as a regional councillor in Kitchener, has won the race to be regional chair. She will replace outgoing Chair Ken Seiling, who did not see re-election after 33 years in the job.

Kelly Linton re-elected as mayor of Centre Wellington

Kelly Linton will return to his role as mayor of Centre Wellington township.

Voter turnout stagnant in Waterloo region, dips in Guelph

Overall voter turnout for this year's municipal elections decreased or hovered around the same numbers.

Cambridge council could still pursue ranked ballots

Cambridge voters said 'yes' to ranked ballots for future municipal elections. The referendum had less than 50 per cent turnout and was invalid but council could still pursue the idea.

Students cast ballots for mayors in Waterloo region, Guelph

Students from across Waterloo region and in Guelph cast ballots as part of a mock municipal election set up by the organization CIVIX.

Joe Nowak wins close race for mayor in Wellesley township

Incumbent Joe Nowak defeated Bernia Wheaton in the race for mayor in Wellesley, after problems with the online voting system Monday gave voters until 8 p.m. Tuesday to cast a ballot.

Kathryn McGarry wins Cambridge mayoral race

Cambridge will have a new mayor as Kathryn McGarry won the mayoral race with 47 per cent of votes.

Woolwich council results in: Shantz won mayorship unchallenged

Sandy Shantz will return to her job as mayor in Woolwich after being acclaimed and the two Ward 3 candidates, Murray Martin and Larry Shantz will also be back at the council table.

Meet the new trustees on the Waterloo Catholic District School Board

Jeanne Gravelle and Melanie Van Alphen were acclaimed in Waterloo/Wellesley/Woolwich but there were races in Kitchener/North Dumfries and Kitchener/Wilmot.

Wilmot township re-elects Les Armstrong as mayor

Les Armstrong has won a third term as mayor in Wilmot in Monday's municipal election.

Cam Guthrie wins Guelph mayoral race

Incumbent Cam Guthrie has been reelected after leading challenger Aggie Mlynarz by an almost 2-to-1 margin in the Guelph mayoral race.

Regional chair results delayed to Wednesday, some councillors elected

With delays in voting in Woolwich, Wellesley and Cambridge, the municipal election final results for regional chair and council will be delayed until Wednesday.

Sue Foxton re-elected as mayor in North Dumfries

Online and phone voting in North Dumfries ended on time at 8 p.m. Monday. Sue Foxton has won a second term as mayor.

Dave Jaworsky to return as mayor of Waterloo

Dave Jaworsky will return as mayor of Waterloo, getting 17,307 votes in Monday night's election.

Polls close, but not everywhere, in Waterloo region elections

Polls, scheduled to close at 8:00 p.m., have closed in much of the region but voting hours have been extended in regions experiencing large turnout and/or glitches in online voting systems.

Berry Vrbanovic returns as mayor of Kitchener

Winning 85 per cent of the votes cast, Berry Vrnabovic returns as the mayor of Kitchener. Voter turnout was low: only 28 per cent of eligible voters cast a ballot, collecting about 41,933 votes.

Cambridge, townships extend voting deadline due to online voting delays

The City of Cambridge and multiple townships have extended the amount of time people will have to cast their ballots in the municipal election due to delays with their online and phone voting systems.

Waterloo Region Votes 2018: Waterloo's growing pains

Development in Waterloo, particularly in the uptown area, will change the look of the city. Some candidates don't approve.

Waterloo Region Votes: Time for change in Cambridge?

In Cambridge, all of the councillors and the mayor are seeking reelection, but their challengers say it's time for change.

Waterloo Region Votes 2018: Kitchener's top issues

There are four people vying for the mayor's seat in Kitchener and there will be change around the council chambers as two candidates are not seeking re-election.

Waterloo Region Votes 2018: New leadership coming to Region

On Monday night, someone will replace long-serving Ken Seiling as regional chair. There are four candidates in the running.

5 races to watch in Monday's municipal election in Waterloo region

The outcome of these five races will affect the course of the next four years for communities across the region.

Political action groups inform voters ahead of municipal election

Bike rides, surveys and candidate panels: several local political engagement groups have questioned municipal candidates about the issues and given the results to the voting public.

Karen Redman leads regional chair candidates in citizen-funded poll

A poll commissioned by software developer Craig Radcliffe using crowdfunding says Karen Redman is in the lead for regional chair.

TheMuseum told it can't give people free admission for voting

An attempt to encourage civic engagement has landed TheMuseum in hot water. The offer for free admission for voters "constitutes bribery," says city clerk, and contravenes the Municipal Election Act.

Waterloo Region Votes 2018: Live Facebook panel to inform your vote

CBC Kitchener-Waterloo's Peggy Lam hosts a live online panel today to help you prepare for Monday's vote. We talk to Cycle WR, CivicTech Waterloo Region, Tri-TAG and Hold the Line on how they're trying to increase voter turnout and make it easier for you to vote.

Why we don't vote: low turnout for municipal elections a puzzle

Voter turnout in municipal elections in Waterloo region is traditionally low. Very low, in fact. Municipal elections always get the lowest turnout, and experts say there are a number of reasons for it.

Number of voters at municipal election advanced polls up across Waterloo region

More voters have turned up at advanced polling stations or have cast a ballot online and by phone this year compared to 2014, clerks from across Waterloo region report.

Cambridge Chamber of Commerce releases shortened candidate interview videos

The Cambridge Chamber of Commerce has released its video interviews with candidates but has removed questions some candidates raised concerns about. The Chamber says it heard the concerns 'loud and clear.'

Affordable housing is the top issue in Waterloo region, chair candidates say

The four candidates for regional chair were asked how they would tackle the lack of affordable housing in Waterloo region.

Ray of Hope provides advance voting polls for people with no fixed address

People with no fixed address had a chance to vote in advance of the municipal election at organizations like Ray of Hope and St. John's Kitchen at the Working Centre.

Concerns over Waterloo council's closed-door meetings in 2014 return in mayoral race

Mayoral candidates in Waterloo are fired up over closed-door budget meetings that took place in 2014.

Waterloo Region Votes 2018: Panel of candidates for regional chair

Jay Aissa, Jan D'Ailly, Rob Deutschmann and Karen Redman are the four candidates running for regional chair in Waterloo region. They sat down with The Morning Edition host Craig Norris to talk about the issues in a panel discussion.

Should firefighting be a regional service? Regional chair candidates weigh in

Police and paramedics are Region of Waterloo services, but firefighters are not. We asked regional chair candidates if they think that should change.

Vote in advance polls in Waterloo, Cambridge and Wilmot Saturday

Times vary, but voters in Cambridge, Waterloo and Wilmot can cast a ballot in this year's municipal election on Saturday in an advanced poll.

Cambridge food bank puts election candidates to work sorting food

Some candidates running in the municipal election visited the Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank Tuesday for a tour and they were also put to work to sort food.

'Speed dating' event to meet school board trustees happens tonight

Residents of Waterloo region will have a chance to 'speed date' prospective school board trustees over the next two weeks.

Reprinting ballots for $25K was the right move, candidate says

Kitchener candidate Regan Sunshine Brussé says she's 'grateful' the city will reprint more than 19,000 ballots in her ward.

What municipal candidates say about protecting countryside in Waterloo region

All of the candidates who have responded to a survey by the group Hold the Line say they support the region's countryside boundary lines, but a few indicate there are situations where they'd vote to expand beyond existing urban boundaries.

Kitchener to spend $25,000 to reprint ballots to add candidate's middle name

Kitchener will reprint approximately 19,500 ballots to include a candidate's middle name.

Did you receive two voter cards? It doesn't mean you get to vote twice

If you happen to receive two voter cards, using them both is an offence.

Regional chair candidate Jay Aissa suggests mobile supervised consumption site

The four candidates for regional chair all agree there is a drug problem in Waterloo region and a supervised consumption site is needed, but they don't agree on how exactly to deliver that service.

Where and how to vote in the municipal election in Waterloo region

How you cast a ballot in the Oct. 22 municipal election will depend on where you live in Waterloo region.

Waterloo mayoral candidate says it's time to talk about shrinking regional council

Waterloo mayoral candidate Chris Kolednik says he thinks it's time to discuss shrinking the size of regional council.

Female candidates meet in Kitchener ahead of municipal election

An event Tuesday night at a downtown Kitchener resident will see at least 20 women running for mayoral, council or school trustee seats meet and discuss the municipal election.

Speed chats a chance to meet public school trustee candidates in Waterloo region

The Waterloo region branch of the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario teachers' union will be hosting three events where candidates for public school board trustee will sit down for small group discussions with the public.

4 issues municipal candidates really can't do anything about

Municipal campaigns are all about making promises and voters raising concerns. But these are four issues affecting Waterloo region that people commonly ask about, but candidates really can't do much about.

No 'Sunshine' on Kitchener candidate list as middle names not on ballot

Regan Sunshine Brussé, who is running for council in Ward 2 in Kitchener, is upset because her middle name won't appear on the ballot on Oct. 22 when voters in the municipal election head to the polls.

'Daffy:' Hamilton mayor on Cambridge councillor's idea to annex Flamborough

Hamilton's mayor says an idea by a Cambridge councillor to have Flamborough join Cambridge is "daffy."

More Cambridge candidates denounce questions from chamber

Candidates in the municipal election in Cambridge are continuing to discuss whether or not they'll answer controversial questions from the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce in one-on-one interviews.

Councillor wants Flamborough to leave Hamilton, join Cambridge

Cambridge Coun. Nicholas Ermeta says he's 'extending an open invitation' to residents in Flamborough to join Cambridge as one big city.

Cambridge Chamber's personal questions come under fire by candidates

Municipal candidate interviews by the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce have crossed a line, says after they were asked where they were born, their thoughts on the Catholic church and how many times they've been married.

Cambridge can't leave the region or dissolve regional government: Seiling

Regional Chair Ken Seiling says there's no unilateral process that would allow Cambridge to dissolve regional government or leave the region, as proposed by Cambridge Coun. Nicholas Ermeta.

Ditch regional government in favour of services board, Cambridge councillor says

Cambridge Coun. Nicholas Ermeta is proposing doing away with the Region of Waterloo and instead create a local services board with a limited mandate. He says the move would allow the local cities and townships to 'control their own destiny.'

Kitchener mayoral candidates less polarized on supervised injection sites

As a Cambridge mayoral candidate suggests other cities including Kitchener are contributing to the opioid crisis in his city, Kitchener mayoral candidates are also discussing opioids and the related issue of supervised injection sites.

Kitchener acts 'holier than thou' in opioid crisis, Cambridge mayoral candidate says

Cambridge mayoral candidate Ben Tucci says other cities, including Kitchener, are contributing to the opioid crisis in his community.

Cambridge, Ont., mayor apologizes after image of political rival edited out of campaign photo

A photo on Doug Craig's mayoral campaign website appeared to have been altered to remove fellow mayoral candidate Kathryn McGarry. Craig says the photo has been replaced and they've apologized to McGarry.

Uptown Waterloo development a 'monster,' mayoral candidate says

Two mayoral candidates question the condo and STEAM centre development at the corner of King Street and Bridgeport Road in uptown Waterloo. One says he wouldn't have voted for it while another says she wonders if the project was passed too quickly.
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No Cambridge mayoral candidates want supervised consumption site right now

Of the five people running to be mayor in Cambridge, none would support putting a supervised consumption site in the Galt core right now.

Waterloo Region Votes: Kitchener mayoral candidates on why they're running

CBC K-W sent surveys to the candidates for mayor in Kitchener. These are their responses to our questions.

Waterloo Region Votes: Waterloo mayoral candidates on why they're running

CBC K-W sent surveys to the candidates for mayor in Waterloo. These are their responses to our questions.

Waterloo Region Votes: Cambridge mayoral candidates on why they're running

CBC K-W sent surveys to the candidates for mayor in Cambridge. These are their responses to our questions.

Waterloo Region Votes: Region chair candidates on why they're running

CBC K-W sent surveys to the candidates for regional chair for Waterloo Region. These are their responses to our questions.

Waterloo Region Votes: See who is running for school board trustee

This is a list of people seeking school board trustee positions in the municipal election on Oct. 22.

Waterloo Region Votes 2018: The race is on, but some people have already won

Seven people have been acclaimed in the October 22 municipal election, including Woolwich Mayor Sandy Shantz.

7 people unopposed in municipal election hours before paperwork due

As of 9:00 a.m. Friday, seven people — including one mayor — were running unopposed in this fall's municipal election, with the deadline to file paperwork just hours away.

Former Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris to run for regional council

Michael Harris, who served as the MPP for Kitchener-Conestoga from 2011 to this year, has filed his paperwork to run for regional council.
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Councillor urges more women, diverse candidates to run in municipal election

Waterloo Coun. Melissa Durrell says more women and minorities need to run in this October's municipal election because they can bring a unique perspective to council chambers.

Waterloo region votes 2018: Who's running in October's municipal election

The municipal election is Oct. 22. This is a list of who is running in Waterloo region.

Former MPP Kathryn McGarry enters race to be Cambridge's mayor

Kathryn McGarry, former Liberal MPP for Cambridge, has added her name to the list of people running to be mayor in Cambridge.

Elected officials in Waterloo region encourage women to run

Belinda Karahalios was elected to represent Cambridge at Queen's Park only a week ago, but she's already faced strange questions about how she's going to manage the job.

All 3 city mayors in Waterloo region to seek re-election this fall

The mayors in all three cities and the four townships in Waterloo region are all seeking re-election in the municipal election this fall.

Regional chair Ken Seiling will not run in 2018 municipal election

Ken Seiling has announced he will not be running in this fall's municipal election. Seiling has served as regional chair since 1985.

Want to serve the people? City election nominations open

Anyone interested in running to be a candidate in the 2018 municipal and school board election on October 22 can begin submitting their nomination papers to the municipal clerks office Tuesday.

2018 election will be paperless in Woolwich, Wellesley

Wellesley and Woolwich councillors voted in favour of replacing paper ballots with online and telephone voting for the 2018 municipal election.

No ranked ballots for 2018 Waterloo Region municipal elections

Waterloo Region will not move to a ranked ballot system in time for the 2018 municipal election, according to regional Coun. Sean Strickland.