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Transit riders face long lines to add tickets to new EasyGo fare cards

There were long lineups at the Charles Street bus terminal in Kitchener on Monday as people got their Grand River Transit monthly pass or added paper tickets to their EasyGo pass. Monday was the last day people could add the paper tickets to their card, although paper tickets are still accepted on the bus.

Grand River Transit to test replacement shuttle service for LRT

New replacement shuttle service signs have gone up around Waterloo region, and the shuttle will be tested in the coming weeks. The shuttles will be offered if there's ever a disruption in the Ion LRT service.

Region to build transit hub in stages, construction set to begin in 2020

The Region of Waterloo plans to start construction of a transit hub at the corner of King and Victoria Streets in Kitchener in 2020 with the first phase focusing on transit infrastructure.

It's spring! Region has 93 days to get LRT into service to meet own deadline

The region has said the LRT would be operational in spring 2019. But now staff say there's 'considerable work that needs to be done' before ION can be launched. One of the major problems is a software glitch that stops the vehicles and requires them to be rebooted, which takes several minutes.

Cambridge LRT route up for public consultation Wednesday

Regional staff will host a public consultation on the latest plan for an LRT route to Cambridge Wednesday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Preston Memorial Auditorium.

Transit trip planner coming in March while LRT start remains unclear

The region will launch an online transit trip planner and will open a customer service kiosk at the Frederick Street station ahead of the LRT's launch date.

UW researchers look at LRT impact on those who live near it

Researchers at the University of Waterloo are working on a study to look at the impact the LRT has on communities it runs through. They want to do interviews with people before the LRT starts running and are looking for volunteers.

LRT inspires historical documentary about Region of Waterloo transit

The Region of Waterloo has created a feature-length documentary about the LRT. A trailer for the film has been released.

Final LRT cars for Ion system set for delivery from Kingston

The last two LRT cars for Waterloo Region's Ion light rail project have been loaded for delivery at the Bombardier assembly plant in Kingston.

LRT to make food donation pickups Saturday along K-W route

LRT trains from the ION Kitchener-Waterloo service will be touring the region Saturday, making half-hour stops along the way at various stations to collect donations for the Food Bank of Waterloo Region.

Region continues work to find developer for Victoria-King transit hub

The Region of Waterloo will continue to look for more developers for the King-Victoria transit hub after councillors decided to cancel a request for proposal for the hub.

LRT launch date delayed until spring 2019

The LRT will not begin operation until spring 2019, that's according to a report that landed at the region's planning and works committee on Tuesday.

Kitchener approves buying land for crossing over LRT tracks near Fairview Mall

Kitchener has approved in principle to buy land to create a crossing over the LRT tracks near Fairview Park Mall.

Regional council OKs most of LRT route with exception for Cambridge

Regional council has approved most of a preferred route for stage two of light rail transit, which will connect Kitchener to downtown Cambridge.

Region reveals new proposed route for Cambridge's LRT

The 2018 proposed route has some changes compared to the 2017 proposed route. The new proposal looks to continue parallel to Highway 8 and use less of Eagle Street.

No LRT service until at least December in Waterloo region

Regional staff say the LRT won't be up and running until December at the earliest. Bombardier is expected to deliver the final vehicle in June.

GRT users asked for input on changing bus routes ahead of LRT launch

Grand River Transit has returned with new proposed changes to their bus routes after public consultations last fall.

Charging ports, wifi on ION buses connecting Kitchener and Cambridge

Instead of the LRT, Cambridge will be getting nine buses to connect to Kitchener. The buses have free wifi and charging ports.

How Metrolinx's cuts with Bombardier deal will affect K-W

Metrolinx cutting down its orders on the Bombardier rail car deal means the company can now focus more on delivering service to K-W on time, says regional councillor Tom Galloway.

Value of new builds along LRT corridor worth $2.1B, says Region of Waterloo

A new report that looks at investment along the LRT corridor found that between 2011 and 2016 the value of new buildings in the corridor grew an estimated $2.1B, says the Region of Waterloo

'Everything was positive,' ION light rail car completes first testing

ION completed the first on-track LRT testing Tuesday, which went well according to Coun. Tom Galloway.

More meetings set over potential Cambridge LRT stage 2 route

Two more dates have been set for another round of public consultations over the proposed LRT route from Kitchener to Cambridge.

Region plans to test LRT but won't say when

The region gave a small update on the progress of LRT vehicle delivery and testing. However, though the region plans to test the second LRT vehicle within the next two weeks, they said they will not be releasing details on what day specifically.

Overnight work and LRT testing may slow down K-W commute

Drivers and cyclists may experience traffic delays in parts of Kitchener-Waterloo as Grandlinq gets ready to test LRT vehicles in Waterloo and construction crews start overnight work in Kitchener.

Anticipated LRT testing postponed due to missing paperwork

Testing of the first Ion LRT train has been postponed until further notice. The cause for postponing may be missing documentation, according to Coun. Tom Galloway.

3 LRT vehicles to be delivered to Waterloo region before Thanksgiving

Bombardier is set to deliver three more Ion LRT vehicles to the region next month. Most of the vehicles should be assembled by the end of the year, the company says.

Second LRT vehicle coming 'soon' but not by mid-month as thought

The second Ion LRT vehicle will be coming soon, but will not meet the early September timeline the region announced in June.

Cambridge city council opposes proposed LRT route through part of city

Cambridge residents opposed to a proposed light rail transit route through the city from Kitchener received some support from city council this week.

Second LRT vehicle delivery delayed to late August at earliest

The second Ion LRT vehicle has been delayed to the end of August or early September, instead of planned delivery by the end of June. That's so more work can be done to make the vehicle functional, according to the region's transportation commissioner.

What did people think? Future riders react to LRT car tour

Thousands of Waterloo-area residents lined up outside the region's operations, maintenance and storage facility on Saturday to get a glimpse of the region's first ION light rail train car.

LRT construction closes King Street in Waterloo for 3 weeks

Uptown Waterloo will be experiencing some traffic headaches again starting next week. The region announced LRT construction will see three different sections of King Street shut down over a three week period.

Grandlinq seeks overnight construction noise exemption from Kitchener

Grandlinq, the company responsible for the design and build of the Region of Waterloo's ION LRT, has asked for a noise exemption so it can work overnight in Kitchener to complete work on schedule.

ION LRT is more accessible than buses, boasts Bombardier

The Region of Waterloo's new ION light rail vehicles will be more accessible and offer a smoother ride than the region's current network of buses, said Bombardier as the first vehicle was unveiled to the media.

First ION LRT car has arrived in Waterloo Region: Take a look

Bombardier and the Region of Waterloo gave the media a sneak peek at the first ION LRT train car to arrive in K-W.

Tracking the first ION train? Twitter is tops for updates

Rail fans are providing more current information on whereabouts of first LRT car than the region if only because they're "just a little too enthusiastic."

Local businesses prepare for legal action over LRT construction

Several local businesses filed notices reserving their right to take legal action against the region for business lost due to LRT construction.

LRT: The train has left the station

Waterloo region's first LRT vehicle left Bombardier's Thunder Bay plant Thursday at 6 a.m. and has started its trek to its new home.

You can track the Bombardier LRT car trek to K-W

Waterloo Region wants you to track the first Ion Light Rail train car on its journey from Thunder Bay to Kitchener.

Putting the 'art' in LRT: Council to finalize transit stop displays

Regional council is considering seven pieces of art work that will be displayed at stops along the route from Conestoga to Fairway Park malls.

First Ion Bombardier LRT car to ship Tuesday from Thunder Bay

Waterloo Region's first LRT car, to be used for testing in Kitchener and Waterloo, is scheduled to be shipped Tuesday from Bombardier in Thunder Bay.

LRT Cambridge proposed route announced

Proposed route plans for the second stage of the Ion LRT in Waterloo Region as the project moves to its next phase into Cambridge were announced Friday.

Taxi stand solution in the works for Kitchener bus terminal

The small parking lot next to the Charles Street bus terminal may offer a compromise for cabbies who can't park on the street anymore because of the new LRT tracks.

LRT tracks force cabs out of prime locations in Kitchener, Waterloo

Taxi drivers are annoyed by changes to regional bylaws that make it illegal for cars to park or drive on LRT tracks, and aren't happy with the solutions proposed by the regional and city staff.

Grandlinq assures 2017 won't be the traffic nightmare 2016 was in K-W

If you thought trying to drive around K-W in 2016 was a living nightmare, Grandlinq has good news: 2017 will be better. Any road closures will be much shorter, numbering days instead of months says spokeswoman Avril Fisken.

Plans for 202 bus that skip University of Waterloo's transit hub a problem for commuters, advocates say

The 202 University iXpress won't connect with the planned University of Waterloo Transit Plaza. Local transit advocates say that's a mistake.

1st light rail vehicle in final production stages, but may not arrive on time

The first light rail vehicle for the Region of Waterloo's Ion LRT is in the final stages of production, but Bombardier is at risk of missing its delivery deadline, regional councillor Tom Galloway says.

Metrolinx contract squabble with Bombardier won't affect Ion LRT

News that Metrolinx has filed notice to terminate its Bombardier contract will not affect the production or delivery of the Ion LRT trains, Coun. Tom Galloway tells CBC News.

Duke parking garage in downtown Kitchener closed this weekend

The Duke and Ontario parking garage in downtown Kitchener will be closed this weekend as LRT construction crews pour curbs. The entrance and exit area of the garage has been under construction for several months.

Bombardier layoffs won't affect Waterloo region's LRT train production

After announcing 7,500 layoffs worldwide Friday, Bombardier says there will be no issues delivering Waterloo region's LRT train cars on time.

Kitchener residents say LRT tracks cutting off access to stores, work

Region and City of Kitchener plan open houses after residents in the Traynor-Vanier neighbourhood say a pedestrian crossing is needed over LRT tracks near Fairway Road so they can access stores and businesses more easily.

Several K-W roads, intersections re-open after LRT work

Several roads and intersections are open again in Kitchener-Waterloo, but drivers will have to wait another week for the north and southbound off-ramps and the southbound on-ramp at Highway 85 and Northfield to open.

Some downtown Kitchener streets to reopen in time for Oktoberfest parade

There's a new route to travel in downtown Kitchener as a couple of intersections reopen with the Oktoberfest Parade around the corner.

More LRT road closures beginning Monday, Aug. 15

On Monday, Aug. 15, more Kitchener intersections will close due to construction for the Ion LRT project.

Water main break at ION construction site in Kitchener

Crews worked into the night at a water main break where a supply pipe "snapped" during work on the ION LRT route in downtown Kitchener, Ont.

LRT construction update: Some roads to reopen while others set to close

One road closure near Fairview Park Mall will last approximately six weeks while closure of two intersection near downtown Kitchener will last several months.

Drivers may need U-turn for Grand River Hospital during LRT construction

The left turn lane on King Street to the hospital will be closed for about three weeks for LRT construction.

Q&A: What the LRT delay could cost Bombardier and the Region of Waterloo

Though the service launch date for the Ion LRT has been thrust into uncertaintly, there is one thing that can be counted on: money will be changing hands.

K-W cyclists also struggle with navigating LRT construction

Though cycling can be an easier way to get through construction, they too face their own challenges when passing through construction. Not only do they have to be more alert, but they also have to compete for space with other vehicles on the road.

Bombardier taking 'bold, decisive action' to deliver LRT trains

Bombardier says it is pulling out all the stops to make sure it is able to meet its new, later deadline to deliver the Ion LRT trains, so that service can start in early 2018. Those measures include involving their plants in Kingston, Ont. and La Pocatière, Quebec.

LRT delayed until early 2018 due to Bombardier train delays

The Region of Waterloo has confirmed the start of the Ion LRT service will be delayed until early 2018 due to delays in production at the Bombardier rail car plant.

Region considers raising development fees to pay for LRT

Construction projects in Waterloo Region could get more expensive in the coming years as regional councillors consider increasing development charges to offset the cost of light rain transit.

Overnight LRT construction approved for uptown Waterloo

Waterloo city council approved a noise exemption so GrandLinq can catch up on LRT construction work.

LRT construction unearths more corduroy road at King and Northfield

Just hours after the Region of Waterloo gave away sections of the corduroy road found under King Street in Waterloo, another section may have been discovered near King St. and Northfield Drive.

LRT supporters understand traffic woes, document construction on a Facebook page

A local group that supports light rail transit admits construction has made it hard to get around in Kitchener and Waterloo. That's why it has taken to Facebook to regularly update people about where construction is happening.

Tourists flock to see corduroy road in uptown Waterloo

Despite LRT construction and road closures, people are visiting uptown Waterloo to check out the corduroy road that was discovered under King Street.

Corduroy road likely one of Waterloo's first-ever European built roads

A corduroy road unearthed by construction crews on King Street in Uptown Waterloo dates back two centuries and is likely one of the first ever roads built by Euro-Canadian settlers in the region, according to a senior archaeologist.

How 'corduroy road' discovery may affect uptown Waterloo LRT timeline

Construction of the light rail transit line in uptown Waterloo is supposed to be completed by November 15, but the discovery of a 19th-century wooden road under King Street has created an unexpected logjam.

'Corduroy road' found under King Street worries Waterloo businesses

Business owners in uptown Waterloo are concerned that construction along King Street will be delayed by the unexpected discovery of an old corduroy road under the existing asphalt.

'Corduroy road' logs found under Waterloo LRT construction

Construction crews have halted work on the LRT line after a historic corduroy road was found under King Street in Waterloo.

Region residents weigh in on proposed Ion LRT Stage 2 routes

The results of the first two public consultation meetings on Stage 2 of the Ion light rail transit project are in, and the future of the proposed Sportsworld stop is one of the top concerns.

New regional transit hub in downtown Kitchener expected to cost $43 million

The downtown hub may include office space, residential units, retail and public art as well.

King Street to be closed in uptown Waterloo more than twice as long as planned

The company behind Waterloo Region’s light-rail transit line says King Street in uptown Waterloo will be closed more than twice as long as originally announced because the builder plans to do “more in a longer period of time.”

Downtown Kitchener getting heated dome for LRT worksite

A temporary heated dome will cover part of King Street in downtown Kitchener so that construction on a section of the LRT can continue during the winter.

Charles Street LRT construction has businesses feeling the pinch

Construction on Charles Street in Kitchener has dozens of businesses along the major downtown artery feeling the pinch as customers abandon the neighbourhood after its become a labyrinth of temporary fencing and open pits.

Uptown LRT construction postponed for holiday shopping season

Grandlinq has agreed to wrap up LRT construction along King Street in uptown Waterloo before the Christmas shopping season, after business owners complained that road work would drive away holiday shoppers.

King Street LRT closure brings 30% cut in business for Central Fresh

Central Fresh Market says it has lost 30 per cent of its business after just one week of closures on King Street in Kitchener for Ion light rail transit construction.

LRT construction set to close King Street in Kitchener in March

Starting as early as next week, ION light rapid transit construction crews will be tearing up, and shutting down, some main arterial roads in Kitchener and Waterloo.

Campaign aims to draw shoppers Uptown despite construction

A new marketing campaign is aimed at Christmas shoppers who might opt to skip the trip uptown because of LRT construction.

Uptown Waterloo among first areas to see LRT construction

Road closures are expected in the densely populated Uptown Waterloo area in the coming weeks as official construction of the Ion light rail transit system starts on August 21.

$92.4M LRT contract goes to Region of Waterloo vote

The Region of Waterloo has negotiated a contract with Bombardier to purchase 14 Light Rail Vehicles for its new LRT system.

'ION' selected as new brand name for LRT

"ION" has been selected by the Region of Waterloo as the new brand name for its LRT system.