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Want to sell your made-at-home treats? There are new rules for home-based food businesses

The provincial government has changed the rules for home-based food businesses, making it easier to sell 'low risk' items. Andrew Coppolino looks at what it will mean for consumers and the potential impact on other small food operators.

Kitchener's Faisal Mohammed has duú fiça recipe included in UN cookbook: Andrew Coppolino

Faisal Mohammed, 24, of Kitchener and his recipe for a Rohingya dish called duú fiça have been included in a new cookbook by the UN Refugee Agency Canada, writes Andrew Coppolino.
Sounds of the Season

Salvadoran sandwich packs a punch for the holidays: Andrew Coppolino

Denis Hernandez, head chef at Kitchener’s Swine and Vine restaurant, shares his recipe for panes con pavo, which in El Salvador is a traditional sandwich for special celebrations — including the holiday season. The dish uses low-cost food items, but with a few spices, really packs a punch.

Has COVID-19 led to a better take-out experience in Waterloo region? 

Yes, writes Andrew Coppolino, but it hasn't been an easy transition for everyone. Many restaurants took a lot of time to do research into the best ways to present an authentic experience for their guests and how to ensure the food was just right.

Why it's important to tip well and follow restaurant rules, writes Andrew Coppolino

This pandemic has had a significant impact on the wait staff at your favourite restaurant, bar or take out place. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino looks at what they've been experiencing and what diners can do to help.

Waterloo region restaurateurs seeing 'red' with added COVID-19 restrictions

Food columnist Andrew Coppolino takes a look at how some restaurants are planning to serve customers when Waterloo region enters the red level of the COVID-19 provincial restrictions.

Community kitchen outreach work continues even during pandemic

The Community Kitchen Co-operative of Kitchener-Waterloo carries on its outreach work even during the pandemic. When food columnist Andrew Coppolino visited this week, it was full of the scents and flavours of Sudan.

Nix the soup, try other warm bowls for chilly evening fare, says Andrew Coppolino

As winter temperatures hovering on the horizon start to chill the world around us, food columnist Andrew Coppolino has ideas for where to find comforting, warm bowl-centred meals in the region.

No tricks, only Halloween treats from Waterloo region restaurants, bakeries

Food columnist Andrew Coppolino takes a look at the various Halloween treats that are available through local restaurants, bakeries and other businesses.

Waterloo region's restaurant scene changes in COVID-19 pandemic

Food columnist Andrew Coppolino takes a look at what restaurants have closed during the COVID-19 pandemic and, on the brighter side, a ghost light burns for those that have opened or reinvented themselves.

Waterloo region restaurants, food producers turned to emergency funds to navigate 'craziness' of COVID-19

Restaurants and food producers in Waterloo region applied for emergency funding to help them through the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. But many are worried about what's going to happen this winter, writes food columnist Andrew Coppolino.

Agriculture Week and Thanksgiving show gratitude for our farmers

It's Thanksgiving weekend and food columnist Andrew Coppolino says farmers should be on your list of people you're thankful for this year. That's because there are hundreds of farms and food processing facilities in Waterloo region that get food to our tables.

Local chefs serve up tips for a smaller Thanksgiving feast

Public health officials advise us to reduce the number of people sharing a turkey this year at Thanksgiving. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino gets chef tips on how to create a feast, but for dinner groups even as small as one.

Greens grown in a warehouse? Vertical farming a growing trend in Ontario

Seasons don't matter and growing takes place 365 days a year. Proponents say it's a positive step for food security and carbon reduction. CBC food columnist Andrew Coppolino takes a look at vertical farming.

Craving carnival treats? Andrew Coppolino suggests where to get unique foods in K-W

With no CNE or fall fairs this year, people may be missing the wacky foods often found at these events. But food columnist Andrew Coppolino says there are lots of options for unique food to satisfy those fall fair fare cravings in Waterloo region.

Cooking up a culinary home theatre experience: Andrew Coppolino

Movie theatres are reopening, with restrictions, but you may still want to keep movie night restricted to your social bubble at home. Here are some sweet and savoury treats that are easy to make and just right to ramp up an at-home movie night.

Cool treats you can make at home: Andrew Coppolino

The dog days of summer demand cooling treats – and perhaps some easy and unique ones to make at home. From ice pops (for adults and kids) to affogato and low-lactose ice cream bars, Andrew Coppolino has treats you can make at home that anyone will enjoy.

How culinary schools plan a return to the kitchen during pandemic: Andrew Coppolino

Local culinary schools are adapting their programs for the pandemic. It includes holding online theory classes and reducing the number of students in the kitchen classrooms.

Now is the perfect time for a picnic: Andrew Coppolino

While the new Phase 3 re-opening has meant limited seating in dining rooms, let’s not forget the power of the picnic to be an enjoyable and satisfying way to enjoy local food.

Taking your BBQ beyond burgers and hotdogs: Andrew Coppolino

If you're looking to beat the heat by taking your cooking outdoors this weekend, Andrew Coppolino has some suggestions from local chefs on how to get beyond the basics of burgers, hotdogs and sausages.

Will patios, flexible liquor laws, and local tourism get restaurants through COVID-19?

Business leaders and restaurateurs hope that newly opened patios and other supports will help save jobs and Waterloo Region’s food operations. While there are positive signs, the jury is out learns food columnist Andrew Coppolino.

Juneteenth and racial injustice in food culture then, and now: Andrew Coppolino

CBC K-W food columnist Andrew Coppolino was joined by chef Derek Hines on Juneteenth to take a look at racial injustice in food culture from the holiday's roots in 1860s-America to now.

St. Jacobs Farmers' Market re-opens with 300 customer limit, no hot food vendors

The St. Jacobs Farmers' Market has re-opened with new precautions in place. The outdoor market area opened on Thursday, with the lower level of the market building following suit Saturday.

Farm store and online sales shoot up as farmers pivot due to pandemic

The spring and early summer harvest is only just beginning after a slow start due to weather conditions, but farm businesses are reporting they’ve been kept busy filling online customer orders, writes columnist Andrew Coppolino.

Planning a Mother's Day meal? Andrew Coppolino suggests local delivery, curbside pickup options

Taking mom out for Mother's Day brunch is a tradition for many. But with people staying home and restaurants closed except for delivery or pick-up, this year's Mother's Day will be a little bit different. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino looks at options.

Tips for less kitchen waste and more benefit during COVID pandemic

Spending more time at home in your kitchen? There's a simple trick to make it run efficiently, cut down waste and create delicious meals says food columnist Andrew Coppolino.

Dining during COVID-19: Andrew Coppolino's tips for getting local food online

Local producers are offering online ordering and delivery options.

Andrew Coppolino on cooking at home in the age of social distancing

As people self-isolate or stay home as part of social distancing efforts, food columnist Andrew Coppolino offers some ideas for what you should have in your pantry and what to make with those items.

Women builders vital to 'vibrant food scene' in Waterloo region, says Aura Hertzog

Aura Hertzog of Ambrosia Corner Bakery in Kitchener says she hasn't experienced any discrimination for being a woman in the local food industry. On the contrary, she says women and men are equal when it comes to building a vibrant food scene in Waterloo region.
Point of View

Tips on how to rock solo dining from food columnist Andrew Coppolino

Dining alone can be a fun experience and there are many restaurants and bars in Waterloo region where you'll be more than welcome, writes food columnist Andrew Coppolino.

A celebration of Black history month through food in Waterloo region

A great way to celebrate Black History Month is to experience food from Waterloo region's diverse communities.

Trying Veganuary? Andrew Coppolino offers tips on plant-based proteins

CBC K-W food columnist Andrew Coppolino takes a look at Veganuary, a trend to move to a plant-based diet or even eliminating your use of animal products for 31 days.

Last-minute gift ideas for the foodie on your list from Andrew Coppolino

From an avocado sock to reusable drinking straws, here's a few gift ideas and ways to toast the season from food columnist Andrew Coppolino for any food lover on your list.

Popular Christmas spices come from all over the world: Andrew Coppolino

Many of the traditional spices that warm up your Christmas cooking may originate in places that don't even celebrate the holiday, but their historical links are deeply rooted in Medieval European culture, writes Andrew Coppolino.

Andrew Coppolino offers a sampling of mezze in Waterloo region

Mezze is a grouping of small, shareable plates that allows you to eat a meal with family and friends in a very laid back and comfortable way.

Unique drinks to warm up the coldest of days: Andrew Coppolino

From toddys to buttered rum and traditional tipples, food columnist Andrew Coppolino looks at the drinks you can find around Waterloo region to warm you up on a cold day.

Sales boom for this Portuguese tart treat in Waterloo region

Pastel de nata, a creamy, eggy and crispy tart, is growing in popularity across Ontario. Here in Waterloo region, thousands are sold every week from a closely-guarded recipe first developed by Portuguese monks.

Andrew Coppolino takes a tour of Waterloo region's wild world of noodles

You'll find noodles prepared and eaten in a variety of ways across the region.

Tamales bring Central American taste to Waterloo region

Food that's cooked in its own serving dish, the tamale, is becoming a popular way to experience a variety of Central American flavours in Waterloo region, writes Andrew Coppolino.

Energy from restaurant waste unites downtown Kitchener, writes Andrew Coppolino

A pilot project in downtown Kitchener has reduced the amount of food waste from the food industry sent to landfill: the Organic Waste Diversion Pilot, initiated by the downtown Business Improvement Area.

Autumn is soup time, writes Andrew Coppolino

As the cold north wind blows, a lot of people turn to soup for comfort. Whether you make them at home or spoon them back at a restaurant, Andrew Coppolino takes a look at how autumn soups can produce a warm and satisfying eating experience.

Thanksgiving, harvest time and Oktoberfest blend cultural food cuisines

Harvest celebrations intersect this weekend as the Thanksgiving holiday begins and K-W Oktoberfest kicks off. For both, food is a central focus, writes food columnist Andrew Coppolino.

At age 150, Kitchener Market thrives due to urban setting

Today, the Kitchener Market celebrates 150 years connecting rural farmers with urban customers. After a century-and-a-half it’s enjoying some of its best days, writes food columnist Andrew Coppolino.

From corn mazes to new dishes, fall signals new beginnings for foodies, says Andrew Coppolino

The end of summer may signal the end of patio season but it's also the start of a bountiful season of food — including sweet dishes for Jewish New Year, writes columnist Andrew Coppolino.

Andrew Coppolino: Apple crops promising strong, tasty harvest

Apple growers in the region are looking at a strong harvest — which means a bounty of seasonal flavours in local restaurants and fruit markets, writes food columnist Andrew Coppolino.

Wide world of rice in K-W restaurants highlights globally eaten food

From sushi to paella, rice is a basic food for many people. It nourishes billions of people globally and can also have traditional and ritualistic importance. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino takes us on a global journey simply by tasting the rice dishes available in the region.

Corn makes tasty autumn appearance on K-W restaurant plates: Andrew Coppolino

It's the second half of corn season in the region, writes food columnist Andrew Coppolino, and now the yellow vegetable has moved beyond the backyard barbeque to dishes in local restaurants.

Try this: Andrew Coppolino's guide to fusion food

From Japanese-Korean crossovers to southeastern Chinese cooking with an Indian twist, fusion dishes are a staple in many Waterloo region restaurants.

Food columnist Andrew Coppolino dishes on Waterloo region's Ethiopian restaurants

Waterloo region's Ethiopian restaurants serve up everything from popular dishes to lesser known delicacies from the Horn of Africa.

Andrew Coppolino on which cold dishes to enjoy on a hot summer day

What goes into a bright, lively and satisfying cold dish? Sometimes it's the usual suspects like salads, for example. But it can also mean fish and veggie dishes from around the world. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino has some suggestions.

Andrew Coppolino's 9 places to find non-alcoholic beverages in Waterloo region

More people are looking for non-alcoholic options when out on the town. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino says these locations in Waterloo region offer a number of non-alcoholic beverages — and it's not all mocktails and virgin Caesars.

Looking for a summery dessert fix in the Waterloo region? Andrew Coppolino has the latest

Local ingredients like berries, fruits and even herbs make for a great addition to any dessert dish. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino has a list of the 'berry best' desserts to try in the region.

From classic to crafted creations, Andrew Coppolino takes a look at local sandwich options

CBC K-W food columnist Andrew Coppolino takes a look at sandwich options around Waterloo region and there's something for every taste, from the basic to the creative.

Where did all the food trucks in Waterloo region go? Andrew Coppolino explains

While there are more food trucks around, they are less conspicuous, says CBC KW columnist Andrew Coppolino. Now, you will find groups of them at area churches, schools and even the odd corporate gig.

Food columnist Andrew Coppolino dishes on the best places to get burgers in Waterloo region

Hamburgers are a popular items on home grills or in restaurants during the summer months. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino takes us on a trip around Waterloo region's burger joints.

Where to get a nice glass of wine in Waterloo region: Andrew Coppolino

Food columnist Andrew Coppolino takes a look at the local wine scene in a largely craft beer region. While the region may not have many wine bars, wine menus at many local restaurants are robust, he says.

No dairy, no problem: Where to eat vegan ice cream in the Waterloo region

As companies begin to create dairy free alternatives to ice cream and brand it as such, its not just vegans reaching for the tasty dessert.

Filipino cuisine builds flavour that's comforting and tasty: Andrew Coppolino

Filipino food used to be hard to find in Waterloo region, but it's getting slightly easier with the recent opening of a new restaurant, writes food columnist Andrew Coppolino.

Summer weather means it's time to hit the patios around Waterloo region: Andrew Coppolino

Summer is a great time to hit your favourite patio and enjoy the weather along with some food and a beverage. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino takes a look at some hot spots to check out.

Want all-day breakfast in Waterloo Region? Andrew Coppolino has you covered

When you want breakfast for lunch or dinner, these are the spots you go to in Waterloo region, writes food columnist Andrew Coppolino.

Asparagus season brings springtime creativity to K-W kitchens

It's a bit late arriving this year due to cool, rainy weather but food columnist Andrew Coppolino writes that local chefs are bursting with pent-up creativity for asparagus season.

Gourmet doughnuts put new spin on classic sweet treat in Waterloo region

From traditional glazed cake doughnuts to sweet treats topped with KitKats or cereal, there are many options for doughnut lovers in Waterloo region, writes food columnist Andrew Coppolino.

From ice cream to hot dogs, warmer weather brings summer foods back: Andrew Coppolino

For most of the year they are shuttered and dark. But when the warmer weather finally returns, there's a smorgasbord of food stands and take-away joints open up to serve customers.

Where to go in Waterloo region for nut-free, gluten-free and vegan treats

Food columnist Andrew Coppolino takes a trip around Waterloo region to find the best spots to find nut-free, dairy-free and vegan treats.

What's for lunch? Unexpected places to eat in and around the region: Andrew Coppolino

From pop-ups to small grocery stores. Businesses that you may not expect to be selling food are expanding the food landscape in Waterloo Region and surrounding areas.

Iconic dishes of Waterloo region: Andrew Coppolino

Though they may not be as famous as the Philly Cheesesteak, Buffalo's wings or the meaty Miami Cuban Sandwich, Waterloo region has its own iconic dishes that give us both an understanding of our past and a view of how we've evolved as a community.

Plenty of fish dish options in Waterloo region: Andrew Coppolino

Fish on Good Friday is a tradition for many, but it doesn't have to be of the deep fried variety. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino looks at where you can get all different kinds of fish, but be warned: you may want to pre-order.

Beyond martinis: Local distilleries shake (and stir) things up with gin

Gin has always been a popular spirit, but it's being made by more craft distilleries in Waterloo region and the surrounding area, writes food columnist Andrew Coppolino.

Winner, winner, fried chicken dinner: Hot spots in Waterloo region for this favourite dish

CBC Kitchener-Waterloo food columnist Andrew Coppolino takes a look at the different ways fried chicken is served up in Waterloo region.

Farm gate sales a good way to get fresh produce on your dinner table: Andrew Coppolino

As spring starts to roll in, more fresh food and produce will be back in grocery stores and farmers' markets. But in the meantime, there's another tried-and-true method of sourcing local foods: farm gate sales.

Irish influence on Canadian cuisine celebrated on St. Patrick's weekend

There’s more to St. Patrick’s Day than leprechauns, green beer and massive student parties, writes food columnist Andrew Coppolino. You'll find traditional fare but also a growing number of dishes that take Irish influences to new places.

Tips from the pros on how to make the best pizza dough at home: Andrew Coppolino

Looking for a new pizza place? It might be in your own kitchen. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino takes a look at what makes a good, homemade pizza dough.

Andrew Coppolino's six unusual desserts you have to try

Food columnist Andrew breaks down 6 unusual post-dinner snacks, plus where you can find them in Kitchener-Waterloo.

Milk and dairy sidelined in Canada Food Guide: Here are alternatives

Canada’s Food Guide has changed dramatically — a revision more than a decade in the making — and a major component is all but gone: milk and dairy. Andrew Coppolino looks at alternatives.

How to eat your way through Black History Month in K-W

Honouring Black History Month in Waterloo region can include a celebration of food and culture in local restaurants, suggests columnist Andrew Coppolino. And you don't have to limit it to just one month per year.

Done like dinner: Where do K-W restaurant staff go to eat after work?

After 10 to 12 hours on their feet working with food and cooking dozens of dishes, where do restaurant staff go to eat after hours in Kitchener-Waterloo? Food columnist Andrew Coppolino put that question to cooks in the region.

Super Bowl food: where K-W chefs line up on halftime snacks

The Super Bowl may have pitted east versus west, young versus old and the deserving versus the lucky in Sunday's big matchup. CBC Kitchener-Waterloo's food columnist Andrew Coppolino has found unity by polling local chefs about their halftime food choices.

Andrew Coppolino's recommended 'hidden gems' and hole-in-the wall eateries in Waterloo region

Waterloo region is full of hidden gems when it comes to mom-and-pop restaurants and quick takeout shops. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino went on a treasure hunt to find them.

Cut costs and reduce food waste at home? There's a simple recipe, experts say

Food waste in Canada has been targeted as an environmental, social and economic concern. Columnist Andrew Coppolino asked experts how people can make inroads at home.

How to ditch cold cereal, for a more tasty, nutritious breakfast: Andrew Coppolino

Food columnist Andrew Coppolino shares some easy recipes for breakfast time — ones that don't involve cereal.

Edibles, 'simple food' and plant-based eating: Andrew Coppolino's food trends for 2019

Andrew Coppolino asked a few chefs and food entrepreneurs in the area what they anticipate seeing in the industry — their answers ranged from a variety of plant-based foods to non-alcoholic craft cocktails.

2018 year end reflection: Andrew Coppolino

CBC K-W's food columnist Andrew Coppolino takes a look back at what food trends made 2018.

Toast, juice and tartare: Costing out the value of gourmet

'I could make that cheaper at home,' many diners think about simple specialty foods like fresh-pressed juice or fancy toast. But food columnist Andrew Coppolino asks if that's a false economy.

4 ways to de-stress your holiday dining out experience

The pressure's on when dining out at holiday time. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino hears from restaurants on how to accentuate the positives and minimize the negatives.

Eating alone: Where and why diners go solo in Waterloo region

Open Table, the popular online restaurant reservation system, says reservations for one guest have grown 85 per cent since 2015.

Andrew Coppolino on how to spice up your life, and your next meal

As the cold weather sets in, we may be looking to add more spices to our meals to bring us comfort and incredible smells, writes food columnist Andrew Coppolino.

Meal delivery apps a 'game changer' for diners and industry, say restaurateurs

Software apps to order restaurant food for delivery are a multi-billion dollar industry disruptor that have forced restaurants into an introspective rethink of what they're for, writes Andrew Coppolino.

How local restaurants keep up with change: Andrew Coppolino

Andrew Coppolino looks at how restaurants in Kitchener-Waterloo cope with evolving industry pressures and trends.

International cuisine finds a home in Waterloo region: Andrew Coppolino

Oktoberfest's meat and potatoes are popular Waterloo region dishes in the fall. But it's a wide wide world of food out there. Whether it's southeast Asia, various regions of China, Ethiopia and Latin America, international cuisine has found a home here.

Farm-owned stores a growing trend in food marketing, says Andrew Coppolino

The food landscape, made up of many niche markets in southwestern Ontario, is evolving. Growth in business for on-farm stores reflects that, writes food columnist Andrew Coppolino.

More than sausage and sauerkraut: Andrew Coppolino's take on German fare

You can get a real taste for Bavarian culture in Waterloo region this weekend thanks to Oktoberlicious, writes CBC K-W food columnist Andrew Coppolino.

Dining out: Andrew Coppolino looks at the food culture in Waterloo region

There are multiple food sub-cultures in Waterloo region, Guelph and Stratford, writes CBC K-W food columnist Andrew Coppolino.

Who grew your garlic? Andrew Coppolino on market vendors versus farmers

What's the difference between a grower and a produce reseller? Food columnist Andrew Coppolino breaks down what to look for when you hit the farmers' markets this fall.

Beyond corn and 'taters: fall is the time to expand your taste

The autumn harvest presents the perfect opportunity to try new and varied bounty from local producers, writes food columnist Andrew Coppolino.

School lunch prep: 7 tips from Andrew Coppolino

CBC K-W's food columnist Andrew Coppolino shares some things parents can think about when it comes to preparing weekly school lunches.

Walkable grocery shopping on rise as consumers explore options

Large grocery stores are rethinking their interior look and layout to provide a small-market feel that copies a smaller neighbourhood feel, observes food columnist Andrew Coppolino.

Power bowls a nutrient-dense healthy meal, writes Andrew Coppolino

Power bowls, also known as Buddah bowls, are a great way to try new foods and get a full mean of veggies and protein, writes CBC K-W food columnist Andrew Coppolino.

Bounty of basil? Andrew Coppolino has tips to make most of this herb

It's been a particularly good summer for basil, writes CBC Kitchener-Waterloo food columnist Andrew Coppolino.

Braised ribs and the blues: a delicious match, says Andrew Coppolino

This weekend marks two food events in which barbecued ribs play a role. Professional ribbers will ply their craft at Cambridge Ribfest and there is an indirect but nevertheless strong link between blues and barbecue — so a few participating "12 Bar Blues" restaurants are playing along as part of the Kitchener Blues Festival.

Andrew Coppolino on how to celebrate Food Day Canada in Waterloo region

Saturday is Food Day Canada and Elora-based food writer and activist Anita Stewart wants people to cook, shop and share their experiences 'like a Canadian,' writes CBC K-W food columnist Andrew Coppolino.