Online program teaches female foodpreneurs in Waterloo region how to grow their business

Wilfrid Laurier University’s Women Entrepreneurship Centre is offering an online course in conjunction with the Food Venture Program. The 12 week program is designed to help women entrepreneurs take their food-product prototypes to distribution markets like grocery stores.

Pro tips and tricks for cooking Thanksgiving dinner: Andrew Coppolino

Thanksgiving weekend is here and if a full, traditional turkey dinner is on the menu, CBC K-W's food columnist Andrew Coppolino has some helpful tips to make the cooking easier.

Waterloo region benefits from 'world class' food: Andrew Coppolino

Waterloo region is home to some of the best flavours. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino went on a journey throughout the region for a small sampling of some of the best foods and snacks available.

Waterloo region restaurants continue to face shortages of food and non-food items: Andrew Coppolino

Local restaurants continue to face a number of shortages, from saltine crackers to bamboo cocktail skewers. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino looks at how local restaurants and food service companies are making due.

Andrew Coppolino takes a frank look at resilience of local hot dog carts

More than a decade ago, hot dog carts were much more visible around Waterloo region. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino takes a look at who is operating hot dog carts now and what they're doing to entice customers, from classic street meat to gluten-free buns and halal and organic options.

From ice drinks to spicy sandwiches, local chefs serve special summer meals

Food columnist Andrew Coppolino hears from local chefs about their favourite summer dishes, and samples what's on offer to eat and drink during hot days and nights.

Strawberry production a cherished, but challenging sign of summer

Local strawberries are in their annual peak. Although You-Pick farms are just about picked over, summer markets and store shelves still carry the popular berry. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino looked under the leaf to find out what's involved in growing them.

Forget poutine and butter tarts — feast on worldly flavours to mark Canada Day: Andrew Coppolino

Spice up your Canada Day menu with dishes from local restaurants, such as empanadas, tacos and Brazilian poutine, writes food columnist Andrew Coppolino.

Reusable takeout container company set to expand again — this time into Guelph grocery stores

After proving reusable takeout containers can work in restaurants, Guelph, Ont.-based Friendlier is expanding to a grocery store pilot project.

From a gin trail to the grill, ways to celebrate dad this weekend: Andrew Coppolino

It's Father's Day this weekend and food columnist Andrew Coppolino has collected a number of special meals or events in and around Waterloo region where people can take their dad(s) to celebrate.

Chef and activist Teneile Warren talks history and food on tour of Kitchener Market with Andrew Coppolino

Local chef and activist Teneile Warren recently walked through the vendors at the Kitchener Market with food columnist Andrew Coppolino to talk about Juneteenth, the history of dishes and why cuts of beef aren't universal around the world.

St. Jacobs community garden grows food and community: Andrew Coppolino

Food columnist Andrew Coppolino visited a community garden in St. Jacobs that is already producing food this spring and where many volunteers have gathered to grow fruits and vegetables for themselves and others.

Waterloo chef Jawad Ghabra on favourite dishes to celebrate Eid al-Fitr: Andrew Coppolino

Food columnist Andrew Coppolino recently visited Ammar Halal Meats in Kitchener with Jawad Ghabra, a chef and co-owner of Shawerma Plus in Waterloo, to talk about the feast that will break the fast of Ramadan at Eid al-Fitr.

Say cheese. But is it? Lab-made non-dairy breakthrough acts, tastes and cooks like cheese

It slices, it dices and it melts. But is it cheese? University of Guelph researchers are working on a non-dairy "cheese analogue" that they think is more nutritious and better for cooking than many plant-based cheese products currently on the market.

April is a sweet month with lots of holidays to celebrate: Andrew Coppolino

April, and the start of spring, mark many holidays in various religions. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino looks at the various traditional sweet treats available around Waterloo region at this time of year.

Sikh festival of Vaisakhi brings spring food favourites to community

Food columnist Andrew Coppolino sat down with Cambridge-based chef, culinary instructor and broadcaster Jasjit Kaur to talk about the Sikh festival of Vaisakhi, which takes place in April. They talked about popular dishes and Kaur shared a recipe for a rice pudding dish called kheer.

Mechado, pandesal and more: Andrew Coppolino maps Filipino flavours in Waterloo region

April is Canada's first Filipino Restaurant Month. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino takes a tour of restaurants and caterers bringing this Pacific cuisine to your palate and your plate.

Taste for tempeh grows but Kitchener company has understood appeal for 20 years: Andrew Coppolino

What was once a niche food found only in specialty stores has become more widely popular in the last several years. Tempeh, a fermented soybean cake, is now found in mainstream grocery stores across the country with homegrown Henry's Tempeh leading the pack, food columnist Andrew Coppolino writes.

Local families, charities and independent grocers struggle as food costs rise: Andrew Coppolino

Food columnist Andrew Coppolino looks at the impact of rising food prices on local families and individuals, charities and even independent grocers who wanted to avoid charging customers more.

Take an A to Z grocery store tour with chef Winston Lewis and food columnist Andrew Coppolino

At the corner of Water and Victoria streets in Kitchener, A to Z Grocery may fly under the radar when people look for Caribbean food in the region, but chef Winston Lewis shows all it has to offer by giving food columnist Andrew Coppolino a tour.

Historians crave more culinary history of early Black settlers: Andrew Coppolino

The food history of a community can often reveal so much about the people who lived and worked there, but when it comes to the culinary history of early Black settlers in Waterloo region, Guelph and area, local historians are still trying to find more information.

Most important meal of the day: A breakfast tour of Waterloo region with Andrew Coppolino

For some, breakfast means bacon and eggs. For others, it may be casamiento, a dish of rice and beans. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino looks at the wide range of breakfast options from Waterloo region restaurants and chefs.

Comfort foods, flexitarians and higher menu prices likely trends for 2022: Andrew Coppolino

With the COVID-19 pandemic still with us, food trends will no doubt be impacted by it, writes food columnist Andrew Coppolino. He expects higher prices at restaurants as they face supply issues, more takeout options and virtual cooking classes.

Kitchener chef Arielle Neils shares her food gift of pastelles

Pastelles are a popular dish for Trinidadian chefs and home cooks during the holidays. Kitchener, Ont., chef Arielle Neils offers step-by-step instructions on how to make them at home.

Beyond salmon or served with chips, local restaurants offer fish in unique dishes: Andrew Coppolino

When people think of fish dishes at restaurants, fish and chips or salmon may come to mind. But food columnist Andrew Coppolino says some chefs in Waterloo region and Guelph are offering up fish in different and tasty ways.