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Comfort foods, flexitarians and higher menu prices likely trends for 2022: Andrew Coppolino

With the COVID-19 pandemic still with us, food trends will no doubt be impacted by it, writes food columnist Andrew Coppolino. He expects higher prices at restaurants as they face supply issues, more takeout options and virtual cooking classes.

Kitchener chef Arielle Neils shares her food gift of pastelles

Pastelles are a popular dish for Trinidadian chefs and home cooks during the holidays. Kitchener, Ont., chef Arielle Neils offers step-by-step instructions on how to make them at home.

Beyond salmon or served with chips, local restaurants offer fish in unique dishes: Andrew Coppolino

When people think of fish dishes at restaurants, fish and chips or salmon may come to mind. But food columnist Andrew Coppolino says some chefs in Waterloo region and Guelph are offering up fish in different and tasty ways.

Local chefs offer up hearty one-pot meal suggestions for cooler days: Andrew Coppolino

When the weather gets colder, a hearty one-pot meal can be a welcome way to end the day. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino spoke with local chefs to find out their favourites.

What a return to full capacity means for restaurants in Waterloo region: Andrew Coppolino

Restaurants in Waterloo region can be open at full capacity, but some chefs and owners say they're keeping fewer chairs and tables in their dining rooms for the time being to help people feel comfortable with the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing.

For local restaurants, green initiatives are just smart business: Andrew Coppolino

Food columnist Andrew Coppolino spoke with restaurants in Waterloo region and Guelph about the initiatives they've undertaken to reduce waste and be more environmentally sustainable.

Sweet and savoury halal dishes you can find around Waterloo region: Andrew Coppolino

As the food scene in Waterloo region has grown to offer a variety of options from different cultures, so too have halal food options. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino took a trip around the community to talk to chefs about the dishes on their menus.

How a trip to a local halal food store can expand respect for cuisine and culture: Andrew Coppolino

Food columnist Andrew Coppolino recently visited a new halal store in Kitchener with chef Zerka Mya of The Pulao Gals. She says each store is as unique as the family who runs it and trips to the store can be an educational experience.

Help wanted, though it's hard to find for an 'unstable' restaurant industry: Andrew Coppolino

Despite the move to a new stage of re-opening, or perhaps because of it, many local food businesses have experienced difficulty in filling out their staffing ranks, writes food columnist Andrew Coppolino.

Summer's bounty a boon for farmers and consumers in Waterloo region: Andrew Coppolino

With cooperative weather, there has been a bounty of local crops available at farmers markets and at farm stores in the region. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino spoke with some local farmers about how the summer season has been and what's ahead that's good to eat.

From vegan milkshakes to beer slushies — the evolving taste of cold summer drinks

The malted milkshake likely saw its origins in the United States in the early decades of the 20th century, but today, the variety of milkshakes and slushie iced drinks, using both spirits and beer, is wide — from frozen margaritas and machine-churned Bellinis, to amped up versions of milkshakes.

The road to normal? Restaurant staff dish on the return to indoor dining

Restaurants have reopened, including for indoor dining, for what staff hope is the road to normal. Andrew Coppolino spoke with a number of local wait staff who told him how they felt about Ontario's move to Step 3.

Food from around the world to cool you down on a hot Ontario summer day

Amid Canada's extreme heat warnings, food columnist Andrew Coppolino finds the best foods to cool you down. You can escape the heat of firing up the stove, and even the barbecue, with a few unique and inventive dishes suggested by local chefs in Waterloo region.

Things are all abuzz at Kitchener's Walper Hotel with new beehive: Andrew Coppolino

Kitchener's Walper Hotel has installed a beehive on the rooftop of their building which will produce honey for hotel guests and the general public. The majority of it will be used in the restaurant for vinaigrettes, honey comb on charcuterie boards and for cocktails.

Conestoga College program aims to create new cheese culture in Ontario

Author Clifton Fadiman said, "cheese is milk's leap toward immortality." Food columnist Andrew Coppolino visits the cheese-making program at Conestoga College one year in to see what students are creating and what's next.

Local breweries get creative with hop water, seltzers and pop flavours

Local distillers and beer makers are brewing up a lot of new products these days. Offerings have expanded to include seltzers, pop and hop water. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino looks at how brewers are mixing things up to appeal to more customers.

Plan ahead for Mother's Day with these specials from local restaurants: Andrew Coppolino

Mother's Day is next weekend, but if people want to treat the mom in their life to a special meal, best to plan early, writes food columnist Andrew Coppolino.

CSAs direct from local farmers grow in popularity during pandemic: Andrew Coppolino

The number of people turning to local farms for community-shared agriculture boxes, or CSAs, is growing, writes food columnist Andrew Coppolino. The farms, in turn, are doing their best to meet demand.

Local pizza makers are firing up delicious new flavours: Andrew Coppolino

Food columnist Andrew Coppolino looks at a slice of the pizza landscape in Waterloo region and finds many restaurants are offering up variety in cooking styles and flavours.

Where to find unique dishes from around the world in Waterloo region: Andrew Coppolino

People still can't travel because of COVID-19 restrictions, but food columnist Andrew Coppolino says that doesn't mean people can't go on a food adventure. He looks at spots in Waterloo region to get everything from jeow mak keua to arepas to fetschepatze.

Get more veggies on your plate with these tips from local chefs and food producers: Andrew Coppolino

Food columnist Andrew Coppolino asked local chefs and food producers about simple but tasty ways to add more vegetables to dinner. Their biggest tips are to buy items in season, keep cooking simple and consider making sauces.

Customers benefit as local food businesses collaborate to weather COVID-19, writes Andrew Coppolino

Local food businesses didn't let the pandemic stop them. Instead, they decided to collaborate and they listened to what customers wanted and needed during a difficult year.

Hot sauce scene heating up in Waterloo region, writes Andrew Coppolino

Hot sauces are a hot commodity in Waterloo region with many local producers offering up their diverse takes on the condiment, writes food columnist Andrew Coppolino.

Want to sell your made-at-home treats? There are new rules for home-based food businesses

The provincial government has changed the rules for home-based food businesses, making it easier to sell 'low risk' items. Andrew Coppolino looks at what it will mean for consumers and the potential impact on other small food operators.

Kitchener's Faisal Mohammed has duú fiça recipe included in UN cookbook: Andrew Coppolino

Faisal Mohammed, 24, of Kitchener and his recipe for a Rohingya dish called duú fiça have been included in a new cookbook by the UN Refugee Agency Canada, writes Andrew Coppolino.