Source of Grand River spill identified, says City of Kitchener

The City of Kitchener says it has identified a "potential source" of contamination to the Grand River, as a nearby company has now reported a spill of used oil from a storage tank on their property.
The substance that was floating on the surface of the water has left a "black staining" on the shoreline, according to Scott Berry.

The City of Kitchener believes it has found the source of the petroleum-like substance that spilled into the Grand River on Friday. 

According to a city news release, a local company reported a spill of used oil from a storage tank on their property to the Ministry of Environment on Tuesday. 

And though the company's direct storm sewer connection was immediately closed off, the city is still being careful about saying this is the definitive source of the spill, calling it instead a "potential source." 

It did not name the company.

The ministry is taking the lead on the ongoing investigation and will require the company to produce a written spill prevention plan, the release said.

The city said it is too soon to tell the costs associated with containing the oil spill and remediating the affected parts of the Grand River.