Segregated bike lanes open in uptown Waterloo

Segregated bike lanes along King Street in uptown Waterloo have opened after many interrupted months of construction.
Cyclist on segregated bicycle lanes in uptown Waterloo. (Jackie Sharkey/CBC)

Segregated bike lanes along King St. in uptown Waterloo have opened after many interrupted months of streetscape construction.

According to the Region of Waterloo, No Parking signs have been installed and parking regulations will be strictly enforced now that the bike lanes are operational.

The region said there is still some work to be done at intersections and cycle crossings, but it should be completed in August when new road paving is finished.

Important portions of the new bike crossings will be painted green to alert motorists "and will further define the bike lanes when complete," the region said in a release Tuesday.

"These new cycling crossings are based on a relatively new design treatment called a 'protected intersection' and will be the first in the Waterloo Region and the Province," the release stated.

Protected benefits

The region says the protected intersection at King Street and Erb Street will shorten the distance bikes and pedestrians need to cross.

The offset crossing design provides more time for drivers to react, the region said, and is similar to the crosswalk location at King and University. 

Also, cyclists can remain in a separated zone when stopped and won't have to re-enter the vehicle traffic flow.