'Return my bong' underwear protester smokes up in Guelph

A Cambridge man who has been seen protesting outside the courthouse in Kitchener dressed only in socks, sneakers and underwear held an impromptu protest in Guelph Tuesday morning.

'If the charges aren’t being dropped, I’m going to continue doing this, I guess'

Jeffrey Shaver stands outside the provincial offences court, located beside Guelph's city hall. He was in Guelph and decided to do an impromptu protest, using a bong to smoke weed in a designated smoking area. He says he will protest in other cities he visits. (Kate Bueckert/CBC)

A Cambridge man who has been protesting his treatment by police after he says his medicinal pot and bong were seized has taken his protest on the road.

Jeffrey Shaver turned heads in Guelph Tuesday morning as he sported orange underwear and smoked weed from a bong in front of the provincial offenses court, located beside city hall.

"They happen to have a designated smoking area at this one, so I thought I would stop by and try it out," Shaver said.

There were no signs around reading "return my bong" and "return my marijuana," like when he has protested outside the courthouse in Kitchener. 

Shaver said he didn't visit Guelph specifically to protest, but was there on an unrelated matter and saw an opportunity to raise awareness for his cause. 

Jeffrey Shaver stands outside the Kitchener courthouse in this recent handout image. Shaver, 31, of Cambridge, Ont., was protesting outside a courthouse in Kitchener, Ont., demanding police return his medical marijuana and bong he says was seized in October. (Canadian Press)

Two arrests in a year

Shaver claims he has been arrested at least twice for pot possession, despite having a medical prescription and showing documentation to the police officers. In both cases, his pot and bong were also seized.

In October, he was arrested in Waterloo region. He said his charges were dropped in December and he got his bong back in the spring.

Waterloo Regional Police have said they're reviewing Shaver's claims, but as there is currently a complaint open with the Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD), the force cannot provide further comment.

Then this past May, the OPP arrested him and seized his bong and weed. He said the bong was returned to him, but as of yet, the charges remain.

"They're just wasting my time, making it go to trial, wasting everyone's time," he said.

The signs asking for the return of his bong — which police have done — and his marijuana are to raise awareness of what is happening to him and other people who use pot for medical purposes, he said.

OPP and Guelph Police officers saw Shaver outside court on Tuesday, but he was not arrested.

"I'm out here making a point," Shaver said.

When asked if he would take the protest to other cities, he said he likely would.

"Whenever, if I happen to be there, I'll probably stop by for a short visit at least. Definitely, you'll see that," he said.

"If the charges aren't being dropped, I'm going to continue doing this I guess."


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