Reprinting ballots for $25K was the right move, candidate says

Kitchener candidate Regan Sunshine Brussé says she's 'grateful' the city will reprint more than 19,000 ballots in her ward.

Regan Sunshine Brussé says she's 'grateful' Kitchener will reprint ballots for her ward

Kitchener will reprint more than 19,000 ballots for Ward 2 in order to add a candidate's middle name. (iStock)

The Kitchener candidate who fought to have her middle name on the ballot for the municipal election says she's grateful the city has decided to reprint the ballots for her ward.

Regan Sunshine Brussé, who is running in Ward 2, was ready to take court action over her middle name being omitted from the ballot.

The city's website currently notes middle names are not included on the ballot and the Municipal Elections Act says it's up to the clerk to decide which names appear on the ballot.

The city says it fully supports the clerk's initial decision to not include middle names for any candidate.

Late Friday, the city announced it will reprint the ballots to add Brussé's middle name.

Reprinting more than 19,000 ballots will cost approximately $25,000. That cost also includes reprogramming memory cards and tabulator machines used on election day.

Brussé says she thinks the cost could have been avoided.

"I understand this has cost the city and only wish this could have been addressed sooner, to avoid such cost. I have had no control over the cost, nor the initial decision. I have incurred financial costs myself to address this matter," Brussé said in an email to CBC K-W.

"The fairness this will allow the voters, through the elimination of any confusion that would have been produced through this discrepancy, has been returned to this election. For this I am most grateful."

Brussé is running against three other candidates: Fitzroy Vanderpool, Suresh Arangath and incumbent Dave Schnider.

The municipal election is Oct. 22.