CANADA VOTES | Environment, internet, cost of living issues in Perth-Wellington

Voters in Perth-Wellington have a choice to make between six candidates in Monday's federal election.
The riding of Perth-Wellington includes the city of Stratford. Voters in the riding have a choice between six candidates in Monday's federal election. (Alice Hopton/CBC)

Perth-Wellington is largely a rural riding that spans all the way from St. Mary's through Stratford and up to Mount Forest.

The issues important to local voters include increased access to broadband internet, the cost of living and the environment including the proper treatment of wastewater.

There are six candidates running in the riding.

Conservative John Nater is the incumbent. He faces Liberal Pirie Mitchell, NDP's Geoff Krauter, Green Party candidate Collan Simmons, Roger Fuhr of the People's Party and Irma DeVries of the Christian Heritage Party.

This is the 2019 riding map for Perth-Wellington. (Elections Canada)

About the riding

Population: 107,908

Number of voters: 76,496

Conservative John Nater won the election in 2015 with 43 per cent of the vote over Liberal Stephen McCotter, who had 37.5 per cent of the vote.

Prior to 2015, the seat was held by Conservative Gary Schellenberger. He held the seat from 2003 when he won a byelection for the riding of Perth-Middlesex. He then won the riding of Perth-Wellington in the 2004 election. He did not run again in 2015.

Between 1997 and 2002, Liberal John Richardson held the riding of Perth-Middlesex.

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