Peddlar's Village fire at St. Jacob's Market doused by new sprinklers

The Peddlar's Village building at St. Jacob's Market caught fire Thursday afternoon, but the fire was quickly contained thanks to a newly-installed sprinkler system, said the owner of the building.
Firefighters were able to quickly put out the fire at Peddlar's Village at the St. Jacob's Farmers' Market on Thursday, says owner Marcus Shantz. (@CathysKombucha/Twitter)

Firefighters are trying to figure out what caused fire to break out at the St. Jacob's Farmers' Market in the Peddlar's Village building Thursday afternoon, but was kept at bay thanks to a newly-installed sprinkler system.

Marcus Shantz, president of Mercedes Corp. which owns the farmers' market building, told CBC News firefighters responded right away and put the flames out quickly. 

"I don't have all the information from the firefighters yet," Shantz said. "But it would appear that it was in the roof area, actually in the roof above the building."

Woolwich Township Fire Chief Rick Pederson confirmed that three stations had responded to the fire, and 30 firefighters were on scene.

Peddlar's Village is not the same building that burned to the ground at the St. Jacob's Market in September 2013. It is a smaller building, made of converted barns that is home to a number of food vendors and an indoor flea market.  

The main market building was rebuilt and re-opened in June 2015. 

Newly-installed sprinklers may have saved building

"What went through my mind is that I'm glad we had sprinklered the building," said Shantz. 

The sprinklers were only installed a year ago, said Shantz, after the first market fire. 

"In this case it had been a grandfathered building, sprinklers had not been required but we obviously felt that given what had happened the last time, we wanted to satisfy ourselves that we were doing what we could to prevent further incidents."


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