Residents in Paris, Ont., worried gravel pit could contaminate water supply

A group called Concerned Citizens of Brant is challenging a water-taking permit with the province's Environmental Review Tribunal as residents are concerned that operations at the pit will cause pesticides to leach into the water table.

Dufferin Aggregates applied for a permit to take water to operate the gravel pits

McDaniel and Broomfield said that many of the long-term activists for this issue have skewed older, although recently, more young people have become involved. (Mark Staplehurst/Jane & Jury.)

A group of residents in Paris, Ont., is challenging a decision to give a water-taking permit to the operators of a quarry because the citizens worry it will endanger their drinking water.

The quarry is owned by Dufferin Aggregates. The company got a permit in April to take water to operate the gravel pits at their site.

However, residents who have formed the group Concerned Citizens of Brant say the gravel pits are located on a valuable aquifer that supplies water to the town and feel that operations there could cause chemicals to seep into their water table. 

That includes chemicals like Atrazine, a herbicide the Concerned Citizens of Brant says has been spayed at those gravel pits for the last 40 years.

The group has appealed the water-taking permit decision to the province's Environmental Review Tribunal.

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