OHL to investigate former player's allegation of forced drug use

Former Kitchener Rangers player Eric Guest has alleged a teammate forced him to do cocaine at a house party, and said bullying continues to be a problem in the Ontario Hockey League. The OHL says it will open an investigation into what Guest has revealed.

'I would never say anything along these lines while I was still playing because you can't'

Eric Guest is a former Kitchener Rangers player. In a video posted to Instagram on Sunday, he reveals that when he was 16, a teammate coerced him to try cocaine at a house party. The Rangers say they've asked Waterloo Regional Police to investigate, and the OHL is launching its own inquiry. (Eric Guest/@ericguest88/Instagram)

The Ontario Hockey League says it plans to launch an investigation into allegations made by a former player who says he was forced to use drugs by a teammate at a house party.

Eric Guest played for the Kitchener Rangers from 2016 to 2019. In a video on his personal Instagram on Sunday evening, and first reported by TSN's Bardown site, Guest told a story about attending a house party with his teammates when he was 16.

While at the party, he was drinking with others and he said an older player told him to go with others into the bathroom. Once in the bathroom, he says he was told he wasn't allowed to leave until he used cocaine.

"When you're young in that league ... you listen to what the older guys tell you," he said. "They have power, they rule you, especially guys who are drafted, they're future NHLers and stuff. You do what they tell you. That's all it is."

Guest says in the video he will not name anyone and he only feels comfortable opening up now because he knows he'll never play in the NHL.

"For me, a lot of this stuff, I would never say anything along these lines while I was still playing because you can't. If I said something or I talked about some of this stuff, any chance I had of playing professional hockey or anything was over instantly," Guest said in the video.

"I'm not trying to bash any team, organization or anything. This is strictly what I've gone through personally and just, maybe some people can get something out of it and relate to it," he added.

Rangers ask police to investigate

The Kitchener Rangers said in a statement that officials with the hockey club became aware of the video Monday evening.

"These allegations involve former players with our team and are extremely serious and potentially criminal conduct," a statement posted to the Rangers website said.

"As a result, we have contacted the Waterloo Regional Police Services. We will participate with the commissioner and the league in their investigation. Until the investigation is complete the club will be making no further comments."

The OHL said it has reached out to Guest and have requested to meet with him "to receive the pertinent details and to initiate an investigation."

"These allegations constitute a serious violation of OHL rules and include allegations of criminal conduct," the OHL statement said. "Once we have spoken to Eric we will have a better understanding of the next steps."


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