Ontario Cannabis Store distribution centre opens in Guelph

A brand new facility responsible for receiving and distributing cannabis in the province has opened its doors in Guelph. 

New distribution centre could bring hundreds of jobs as Ontario's pot sector grows, mayor says

The OCS distribution centre in Oakville received and sold 14 million grams of cannabis product last quarter, according to OCS officials. (Submitted: Ontario Cannabis Store)

A brand new facility responsible for receiving and distributing Ontario's cannabis has opened its doors in Guelph. 

While the facility has not been formally announced, Ontario Cannabis Store has already started recieving product, according to Daffyd Roderick, a spokesperson for the store. 

Roderick said the Ontario Cannabis Store sold 14 million grams of cannabis to Ontario's licensed retailers last quarter, flowing through their current distribution centre in Oakville.

The new distribution centre will be "the logistical hub that supports the cannabis sector in Ontario," Roderick said.

"It's where licensed producers from across the country deliver their products," and from where those products are subsequently shipped to stores across the province, he said. 

'Bring it on': Guelph Mayor

Guelph mayor Cam Guthrie is excited by the economic opportunity the facility brings and has no qualms about it being located in the city.

"This is a legal product, and I want new jobs, so bring it on," he said.  

He first heard about the centre two months ago, as the OCS was inquiring about construction permits and transportation options for new employees. 

Those new employees could number up to 150, Roderick said, including sorters, logistics specialists and managers.

Its location in Guelph is currently being kept under wraps, as is its size.

However, Roderick said, "We've been operating at our other facility for two years, and it may be the worst kept secret in the world as to it's location in Oakville."


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