Metrolinx contract squabble with Bombardier won't affect Ion LRT

News that Metrolinx has filed notice to terminate its Bombardier contract will not affect the production or delivery of the Ion LRT trains, Coun. Tom Galloway tells CBC News.
The Metrolinx decision to filed a notice of intent to cancel a nearly three-quarter billion dollar contact for Bombardier to supply light-rail vehicles in Toronto will not affect Waterloo region's LRT, according to regional counc. Tom Galloway. (Mike McCulloch/CBC)

Metrolinx's decision to file notice to terminate its Bombardier contract will not affect the production or delivery of the Ion LRT trains, regional Coun. Tom Galloway tells CBC News.

Though the Region of Waterloo piggybacked on the Metrolinx contract, they are separate legal documents, Galloway said Friday morning. 

"When we say we piggybacked it, we did it at the very same time Metrolinx did, we used all the same terms and conditions and the big thing of course is we were able to benefit by using their price," Galloway said. 

The legal action is a way for Metrolinx to put pressure on Bombardier, said Galloway, who doubts Metrolinx will follow through on its threat. 

Though the launch of Region of Waterloo's Ion LRT has been affected by production delays at Bombardier's Thunder Bay plant, "we're not going down the road that Metrolinx is going down."

The first trains will arrive in December with the final cars delayed until October 2017. The original agreement would have seen all 14 vehicles delivered by Dec. 10, 2016. 


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