Accused killer Ager Hasan 'a danger to the community,' says Texas judge

In court documents regarding the extradition of Ager Hasan, Texas Judge Betsy Chestney says there is 'probable cause' to believe the 24-year-old Hamilton man killed his ex-girlfriend, Melinda Vasilije of Kitchener

Judge's ruling offers new information about what may have happened the night Melinda Vasilije died

Melinda Vasilije was found dead in her Kitchener apartment before 3 a.m. on April 28. Court documents from the extradition hearing in San Antonio, Texas, show she had been stabbed 'in excess of 30 times.' (Instagram)

A Texas judge says the man accused of stabbing his ex-girlfriend to death in her Kitchener apartment in April "is both a danger to the community and a serious flight risk."

Judge Betsy Chestney made the comments in her ruling this week in which she said Ager Hasan, 24, of Hamilton should be returned to Canada to face charges, including second-degree murder.

Hasan is accused of killing Melinda Vasilije in her Country Hill Drive apartment on April 28. Police have said she died of multiple stab wounds.

Hasan fled the country just hours after officers were called to her apartment after Vasilije's friends found her in a pool of blood. She was declared dead at 3 a.m.

He was arrested in Texas on July 11 by the U.S. Secret Service at a traffic stop as part of an ongoing counterfeit money investigation.

Break-up by text

The court documents from the extradition hearing on Wednesday reveal more of what possibly happened in the days and weeks leading up to when Vasilije died.

Chestney wrote she felt the affidavits of two officers with Waterloo Regional Police "demonstrate the fair probability that Hasan committed the crimes for which he is charged."

Those affidavits create a timeline of what police believe happened between April 3 and April 28.

That includes when he allegedly broke into Vasilije's apartment at 11:20 p.m. on April 3.

At 9 a.m. that morning, Vasilije had broken up with Hasan via text messages. They had been dating for 14 months and "their relationship was rocky."

The court documents show Hasan sent "numerous" text messages to Vasilije that day before he arrived at the apartment.

He demanded to be let in, but when no one responded, "Hasan was witnessed kicking through the bottom panel of glass and crawling inside."

Vasilije fled and Hasan allegedly assaulted her roommate and the roommate's brother.

After that, Hasan was ordered not to return to Waterloo region or have contact with Vasilije – an order, court documents show, he appeared to ignore.
Waterloo Regional Police were called to Melinda Vasilije's Country Hill Drive apartment in Kitchener in the early morning hours on April 28. (Melanie Ferrier/CBC)

'Hasan followed her'

According to court document, on April 9, Hasan texted Vasilije to say he was sorry and he loved her. He sent almost daily texts to her until on April 26 when she first told him to stop bothering her, but then agreed to meet him.

Video footage shows Hasan arriving at Vasilije's apartment at 10:37 p.m. on April 27. Texts between him and Vasilije indicate he entered the building just after midnight on April 28, the documents say.

Friends told police the two met in Vasilije's room.

CCTV footage shows the two walking down to his car about an hour and a half after he went into the apartment.

"After a brief verbal exchange, Vasilije backed away from Hasan into the middle of the road. Hasan followed her, but they hugged and parted ways," the court documents say.

At 1:45 a.m. Vasilije can be seen on the video footage returning to her apartment alone.

"Rather than getting into his car, however, Hasan is observed slowly following Vasilije back to her apartment," the documents said. "At 2:01 a.m., Hasan is captured on the same CCTV camera running to his car and leaving the area."

A post appeared on an Instagram account linked to Ager Hasan of Hamilton on July 11 in which the poster said Hasan was "coming home." He was arrested in Texas the same day during a traffic stop. (Instagram)

'There is probable cause'

When Waterloo police arrived at Vasilije's apartment they found her with stab wounds to her throat and chest. A post mortem determined she had been stabbed "in excess of 30 times," the court documents said.

Two steak knives were found – one on the floor next to Vasilije's head, the other was on the kitchen counter. One was bent at a 45 degree angle and both were covered in blood.

At 3:39 a.m., Vasilije's phone received a text from Hasan: "Nice seeing you tonight glad we worked things out! You better have deleted that f---ing Dorche (sic) bag lol. Anyways see you soon."

​"This text message, when viewed against all of the other evidence, suggests Hasan was merely attempting to cover up his guilt," Chestney wrote.

Chestney denied Hasan's request for bail, in which his lawyers argued there was no evidence he was involved in Vasilije's death.

"The court also respectfully disagrees with Hasan that there is a lack of probable cause to support his murder charge," Chestney wrote. "There is probable cause to believe Hasan committed first degree murder."

Ager Hasan and Melinda Vasilije are seen in this photo, which was posted to the website Reddit along with a post that offered a version of events of what may have happened in Vasilije's apartment the night she died. Court documents from Texas show the two dated for 14 months and 'their relationship was rocky.'

Return could take 60 days

Hasan was seen fleeing to the U.S. just before 6 a.m. on April 28, crossing the Peace Bridge from Fort Erie, Ont., to Buffalo, N.Y.

While on the run, he kept in contact with police investigators via email and social media. It's also believed he posted online to Reddit and Instagram.

He has been held in San Antonio since his arrest July 11.

Waterloo Regional Police Insp. Michael Haffner told CBC News paperwork is currently being filed in order to return Hasan to Canada to face charges. Once that is processed, two officers will go to San Antonio to bring him back to Waterloo region. Then, Hasan will be charged with second-degree murder, break and enter and fail to comply.

Haffner said it's anticipated it will take 60 days before Hasan is returned to Canada.