Meet Manfred Aulich, the Kitchener man who is still fixing typewriters

Manfred Aulich first started repairing typewriters in 1966 in Germany and then moved to Canada to continue the trade. Although he is now retired, he still continues to receive repair requests from a number of small businesses who still use the old technology.

Kitchener Typewriter Mechanic

9 years ago
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Manfred Aulich first started fixing typewriters in 1966 in Germany. He is now retired in Canada but continues to service clients

Since October 2014, the photography exhibit Overtime: Portraits of Perseverance at Work at the City of Waterloo Museum has been showcasing photographs and stories of people in Waterloo Region who continue to perform long-established trades and professions that are slowly disappearing due to new technologies.

This is the first of their stories.

Manfred Aulich

Manfred Aulich is a longtime Kitchener resident who still fixes typewriters.

He first started the trade in Berlin in 1966 and later came to Canada in 1970, where he continued to work for Olympia International, a typewriter manufacturer that no longer exists.

Aulich, now retired, says he is one of the last people in southern Ontario who can still repair typewriters, and regularly receives service requests from lawyers' offices and other small businesses that still use them.

"It comes in handy for small stuff, like for envelopes, typing out quick notes, complicated forms," said Aulich. "It's easy to put them in a typewriter and type it out very quickly without going into all kinds of programs."

Aulich says another draw for business is younger clients who find antique typewriters owned by their parents or relatives and want them to be restored.

Overtime: Portraits of Perseverance at Work is curated by Karl Kessler and Sunshine Chen.

The exhibit runs at the City of Waterloo Museum, inside Conestoga Mall until January 30, 2015 and is open from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. from Tuesday to Friday.

For more details visit the museum's website or call 519-885-8828.