4 arrested after police bust marijuana dispensary in Kitchener

Three women and one man are facing possession charges after police searched a marijuana dispensary in downtown Kitchener on Friday.

Police seized large amounts of money, marijuana and hash, as well as edible treats and beverages

Waterloo Regional Police are investigating four vehicles stolen from while warming up in the same part of south west Kitchener. (Colin Butler/CBC News)

Waterloo Regional Police arrested four people Friday after searching a marijuana dispensary in downtown Kitchener.

Police say they initiated an investigation last month into the illegal sale of marijuana and other cannabis products from dispensaries in the region.

The dispensaries investigated received multiple warnings to suspend operations, police said, noting that the sale of cannabis is illegal unless a distributor is licensed by Health Canada.

During Friday's search, police seized large amounts of marijuana, hash, and other cannabis products, like edible treats and beverages, from the dispensary. Money was also seized.

Three women and one man have been arrested and face charges of possession for the purpose of trafficking.