3 LRT vehicles to be delivered to Waterloo region before Thanksgiving

Bombardier is set to deliver three more Ion LRT vehicles to the region next month. Most of the vehicles should be assembled by the end of the year, the company says.

Most trains should be assembled by the end of this year, Bombardier says

Waterloo region will receive Ion train number two, ten days after it leaves the Bombardier facility in Kingston on Monday. (Joe Pavia)

Bombardier says it will deliver the next three Ion LRT vehicles to Waterloo region by Thanksgiving.

Officials with the region received definitive timelines from Bombardier and company president Benoit Brossoit at a meeting on Monday.

"Number two is being loaded on a rail car on Friday and it's leaving Kingston on Monday. It should be here about ten days after," Coun. Tom Galloway, chair of the region's planning and works committee, told CBC News.

"Then three and four will arrive in the next month because they're just about complete as well."

All vehicles 'complete or in production'

Galloway said the remaining vehicles the region ordered are "either complete or in production and have vehicles to us, at least be assembled, by the end of this year."

GrandLinq will then take over and install the proper equipment to begin testing the trains through the region.

The first LRT vehicle arrived in the region earlier this year and was ordered to test out the storage facility Waterloo.

WATCH: Take a tour of that train with Ian Cushion, general manager of Keolis Grand River LP and CBC K-W's Joe Pavia.


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