Kitchener residents get a vote on design for new Kiwanis Park playground

The city of Kitchener is asking for feedback on the design of a new playground set to replace the old Kiwanis playground, which is over 20 years old.

Kiwanis Park's timber playground near the pool is more than 20 years old and needs replacing

Kiwanis Park is getting a new playground this summer. The city of Kitchener has come up with three designs based on features residents wanted incorporated. (City of Kitchener/ Twitter)

Kitchener residents will be able to have their say on what design they like best for a new playground coming to Kiwanis Park this summer.

The new playground will replace the existing timber playground in the park's lower end near the pool.

City staff regularly check on play equipment across the city, according to Niall Lobley, director of parks and cemeteries, and it was time to replace Kiwanis Park's current playground.

"It's one of our older timber units and it's probably older than 20 years by now," he said.

Lobley said early engagement for this project showed a continuous desire for a playground at Kiwanis Park, with residents sharing what elements and features they wanted to see integrated.

Though there was a wide range of desired features, the community noted they wanted the playground to incorporate nature and continue to have some sort of climbing structure and swings. 

Residents vote on design

Through the Engage Kitchener platform, residents will have the opportunity to vote until the end of March on the playground design they like best.

"The three [designs] that best met the highlights, were the three we put out," Lobley said.

The modern and more natural designs come as manufacturers have better materials to work with and respond to safety and accessibility regulations. 

He adds the city has invested "extra dollars" for Kiwanis Park's playground, as it it one of the city's major parks.

Playground A

One of three playground designs Kitchener residents will have a chance to vote on until the end of March. It's made up of more natural materials, such as wood. (City of Kitchener)

Lobely said this playground would be made up of more natural materials, such as wood or timber and aimed for a more natural environment. 

Playground B 

Kiwanis Park is getting a new playground this summer. The city of Kitchener has come up with three designs based on what features residents wanted incorporated. (City of Kitchener/ Twitter)

The second design takes on a modern approach, Lobley said. It still integrates a climbing structure, but has a variety of swings, including a wheelchair accessible swing.

The colour is also "a little bit more modern."

Playground C

This third design is more along the lines of most of the newer playgrounds across Kitchener, said Lobely. (City of Kitchener)

The third option falls in line with what other newer playgrounds already look like in Kitchener, Lobely said. The swing is also more traditional with an additional wheelchair accessible swing. 


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