Taxi stand solution in the works for Kitchener bus terminal

The small parking lot next to the Charles Street bus terminal may offer a compromise for cabbies who can't park on the street anymore because of the new LRT tracks.

City of Kitchener looking at repurposing three parking spots in small lot

The small parking lot at Kitchener's bus terminal may lose a few spots to be used as a taxi stand. (Jackie Sharkey/CBC)

Taxi drivers could be parking at a small lot next to the Charles Street bus terminal in Kitchener thanks to some help from the city.

Cabbies, who had for years been able to wait for fares in front of the Charles Street bus terminal, are among the many drivers in Kitchener and Waterloo who have been told it's illegal to park or drive on the ION tracks, even though LRT service has not started.

A bylaw went into effect January 1st, prohibiting vehicles from driving or parking on the tracks.

A temporary taxi stop was set up on Joseph Street, but Kitchener city councillor Frank Etherington says it doesn't make a lot of sense to have it there because you can't see the cabs from the terminal.

Solution in the works

A solution is in the works that will see taxis allowed to park in the lot next to the terminal.

"One of the options is to designate two or three parking spaces in the little parking lot the city owns next to the terminal," said Etherington.

"Another option suggested by the mayor is property on Ontario street where the buses come in and out. But that's regional property and could be expense to make changes where the LRT work has already been done."

Repurposing parking spaces in the small lot could end up costing the parking department about $2,000-$3,000 a year. 

Parking staff will look at the option and return with a solution in the next weeks, said Etherington.