Long-time bachelor Otis the swan finds love in Stratford

Otis the swan that lives in Kitchener's Victoria Park has found a female companion while wintering in Stratford, city officials say.

Otis met his female companion while wintering in Stratford, city officials say

Otis the swan has been single since 2012, but city officials say he found a female companion while spending the winter in Stratford. (Melanie Ferrier/CBC News)

Otis the swan has returned to Victoria Park and he's brought a female companion with him.

The City of Kitchener tweeted Otis met the swan while wintering in Stratford. Otis spends his winter in the facility where the swans from the Avon River in Stratford go when the snow flies.

Otis has been single since 2012 when his previous mate died. Other attempts to hook Otis up have not been successful.

The city says the female swan does not have a name and they are now running a contest.

Some people tweeted suggestions that included: Swany McSwanface, Redding, Amelia, Mila, Lady MacBeth, Phoebe and Percival.

City staff also noted there is a third trumpeter swan at Victoria Park, but it's not from Stratford.

"We're trying to find his home as he has pretty prominent tags on him. For now he's hanging out with Otis and his companion as a (very happy) third wheel," the city tweeted.


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