Kitchener cyclist hit by car from behind, rushed to hospital

A 25-year-old Kitchener woman was sent to hospital with serious head injuries after police say a car rear-ended her bike, throwing her to the pavement.

Police say the impact was so hard that it threw the cyclist to the other side of the intersection

(Brian St. Denis/CBC)

A 25-year-old Kitchener woman is in hospital with serious head injuries after she was hit from behind by a car while waiting to attempt a turn, police said.

Police said the cyclist was waiting to turn left from Victoria Street onto Duke Street.

A 64-year-old man driving a grey Saturn collided with the bike at 7 a.m. and according to police, the impact between the two vehicles was hard enough for the cyclist to be "thrown to the ground on the other side of the intersection," police said. 

The crash happened in the city's downtown on Victoria Street North near Duke Street, the peak of the Wednesday morning commute, snarling traffic for just over an hour. 

Serious injury

The woman was rushed to hospital with "serious, but non-life threatening injuries to her head," police said.

"While the Highway Traffic Act does not make it mandatory for adults to wear helmets on bicycles, they are strongly recommended," police said in a statement. 

The driver of the car has been charged with careless driving and failing to share the roadway when meeting a bicycle. 


  • An earlier version of this story omitted a word linking to a B.C. study on the effectiveness of helmet legislation in reducing hospitalization rates.
    Oct 19, 2016 12:37 PM ET