Kitchener Centre candidates talk environment, abortion and cost of living

Five of the candidates for Kitchener Centre talked about issues including the environment, abortion and the rise in the cost of living.
Five candidates from Kitchener Centre joined The Morning Edition for a panel on Tuesday. They are (from left) Conservative Stephen Woodworth, NDP's Andrew Moraga, People's Party of Canada candidate Patrick Bernier, Green Party candidate Mike Morrice and Liberal Raj Saini. (Kate Bueckert/CBC)

Five candidates running for Parliament in Kitchener Centre discussed the environment, abortion and the rising cost of living during a panel discussion Tuesday.

The five who joined The Morning Edition were incumbent candidate Liberal Raj Saini, Conservative Stephen Woodworth, NDP candidate Andrew Moraga, Mike Morrice of the Green Party and Patrick Bernier of the People's Party of Canada.

You can listen to the complete panel here: (19 min)

Ellen Papenburg from the Animal Protection Party of Canada is also on the ballot in Kitchener Centre.