Election panel: Kitchener Centre candidates talk transit, opioid crisis and social housing

Three provincial election candidates for Kitchener Centre discussed top issues in the riding Monday morning including transit, healthcare and social housing.
The candidates from Kitchener Centre who were part of the provincial election panel were (from left), Liberal candidate Daiene Vernile, Green candidate Stacey Danckert and NDP candidate Laura Mae Lindo. (Kate Bueckert/CBC)

Transit, health care and social housing were the top issues discussed by three candidates for the riding of Kitchener Centre during a provincial election panel on The Morning Edition on Monday.

The panel included NDP candidate Laura Mae Lindo, Liberal candidate Daiene Vernile and Green candidate Stacy Danckert.

Progressive Conservative candidate Mary Henein Thorn declined to take part in the panel.

Listen to the full panel:

Three candidates in Kitchener Centre discuss the issues important to local voters in a provincial election panel. 18:17

As of Monday at noon, Elections Ontario lists five candidates for the riding. The fifth is Chris Carr of the None of the Above Direct Democracy Party. The deadline for candidate nominations is May 17 at 2 p.m.

All week at 8:10 a.m., The Morning Edition features an interview panel with local candidates from the five K-W ridings:

  • Tuesday: Waterloo.
  • Wednesday: Kitchener-Conestoga.
  • Thursday: Kitchener South-Hespeler.
  • Friday: Cambridge.

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